What are the Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery?

It goes without saying that everyone who wears glasses struggles with their sight in some way, and glasses can come with a high cost, particularly if you are having to change your prescription every few years. Couple this with the fact that many may be self-conscious of the fact they wear glasses and dream of living a life where they don’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses. One option to rectify this is to get laser eye surgery. However, this, like any surgery, comes with several positives and negatives, as highlighted in the following article.


One of the many benefits of laser eye surgery is that the procedure is relatively quick and simple. This surgery comes with the added bonus of you being able to go home the very same day and you need hardly any recovery time, with the reading vision treatment Harrisburg laser eye clinic stating you can get back to your daily activities within one or two days after surgery.

As well as this, due to how quick the surgery is, it means you will benefit from the results quicker, too. Where other types of surgeries can leave patients still waiting to see results after a few weeks, laser eye surgery patients have reported seeing results within a matter of days.

If you’re quite a forgetful person, you may often find yourself realizing you’ve gone somewhere and forgotten your glasses. Alternatively, you may also find yourself putting your glasses down somewhere and not being able to remember where you’ve put them. With laser eye surgery, gone are the days where you have to get someone else to read the menu to you in a restaurant, or tear your house apart to try and find your glasses.


However, despite the many benefits of having laser eye surgery, there are also some negatives.

One negative is that despite the recovery time being a lot quicker than other surgeries, you may still need to take at least a couple of days off work. So, if you are considering laser eye surgery, you need to keep this in mind this before going ahead with it as you will need to think about whether you can afford to take a little bit of time off and whether you will even be able to get that time off in the first place.

There are also several risks (like with all surgical procedures) when it comes to laser eye surgery. This includes having dry eyes, increased light sensitivity, and the regression of your vision back to its original state. All risks should be discussed with you by your doctor before you even decide to go ahead with the surgery, so ensure you ask plenty of questions and do your own research before committing.

Laser eye surgery can also be quite expensive. Even with the cost of continuously having to buy many pairs of glasses over the course of your lifetime, laser eye surgery is quite a costly one-time only payment. So, if this is an option you’re considering, it may be worth looking at what you can afford and whether the surgery you’re looking at offers a finance option as opposed to paying in one go. But just remember to not just go with a doctor just because they’re the cheaper option as this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option in terms of the quality of your sight.

Whether to get the surgery or not

Only you will know whether this is the right surgery for you. Just ensure to look around and weigh up all the pros and cons before going ahead with it.

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