What Are the Business Benefits of Using the PDF File Format?

Adobe estimates over 2.5 trillion Portable Document Format (PDF) files exist globally.

That implies that the PDF file format is one of the most widely used digital formats today. Indeed, even US government agencies rely on it for file preservation. For instance, there’s the Library of Congress, which recommends PDF as a format.

So, if PDF is good enough for governments, it should be good enough for small business owners.

Still on the fence? If so, keep reading, as this guide lists the top benefits of PDF for businesses.

Reduced Paper Reliance

The typical office worker consumes 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year. Unfortunately, though, trees aren’t the only materials used for their production. Manufacturing a single piece of paper also requires over a cup and a half of water.

So, instead of using thousands of sheets of paper each year, why not digitize your data through PDF? That way, you can reduce your reliance on paper and, at the same time, minimize your footprint.

Fewer Risks of Physical Data Loss

If you keep all your files in paper format, you risk losing them through disasters. Structure fires are perfect examples; in the US alone, 490,500 of these incidents occurred in 2020. Floods and other catastrophic events can also destroy your precious files.

That’s why PDF can be an excellent addition to the smart management of business data. After all, PDF digitization allows you to create multiple backups of your files. You can then store them in external hard drives or the cloud for easy accessibility.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

One of the primary business benefits of using PDF is that it preserves the layout and format of files. That means PDF files show up precisely the same, regardless of the user’s device or platform. So, whether your clients use Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, they can view your PDF files without issues.

Works With Various Programming Languages

Did you know that you can make Python, JavaScript, or C# read PDF text and even extract those contents? You can even use these coding languages to render PDF documents into images. All in all, it’s easy to manipulate PDF pages and their contents using codes.

Data Security

From the first to the third quarter of 2021, 281 million people in the US had their data compromised. Moreover, a total of 1,291 data breaches occurred during that period. That’s horrifying enough, but what’s worse is that they result in millions of dollars in losses.

That’s why it’s vital to use better data security measures, such as password protection.

Fortunately, PDF allows you to password-protect files. You can even set permissions, restricting the modification of specific pages. So, by adding these security features, you can be sure only those with the code can open or alter PDF pages.

Start Using the PDF File Format

There you have it, your guide to the many business benefits of using the PDF file format. As you can see, it provides eco-friendly, economical, aesthetic, and even security features. Plus, many PDF creators are free, so that’s another incentive to use this format, starting today.

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