What Are the Ideal Spots to Hang Floral Wreaths?

Wreaths have long been used to represent Christmas and to commemorate important occasions. There are other ways to incorporate these pieces of decoration into your home décor aside from traditional displays. Continue reading to learn about the ideal places to hang floral wreaths around the house and the unique ways to use them as attractive finishing touches all year long.

What are the ideal spots in your home to hang a wreath?

The front entrance is traditionally thought to be the greatest spot to hang a wreath as it instantly creates a welcoming atmosphere. It’s the ideal setting for showcasing the season’s lovely florals and decorations. However, this flexible décor element can be used to freshen up a variety of other areas. Wreaths can be used both indoors and outside to create unified aesthetics across your property. Also, many fake wreaths are made for indoor or covered outdoor locations, so it’s wise to double-check if they’re also suitable for outside display.


Set the tone for your entire home by adorning outside areas with beautiful wreaths. Here are the ideal spots outside your home to display your floral wreaths.

Porch: Make a great entrance with a wreath on your front door. If you have double doors, use two wreaths, and make sure the size of each wreath is appropriate to the size of your door. You can make a floating wreath display to spruce up your porch. And, using ribbons or thin rope, hang wreaths of varied sizes from the ceiling. You can also attach them to your entrance railings, pillars, or balcony walls.

Patio: With coordinated floral wreaths, garlands, and arrangements, you can add effortless beauty to your outdoor eating and lounging areas. This makes it simple to create a consistent look and prepare your home for entertaining at a moment’s notice.

Garden Shed and Backyard: With vivid outdoor-safe wreaths and garlands, you can transform your fences, gates, and storage area into a backyard sanctuary. Keep them looking their best by displaying them outside for up to three months a year.


Wreaths are a simple way to bring the season inside. Display them almost everywhere, from high-traffic locations like hallways and living rooms to private ones like your bedroom and study. Use these wreath decorating ideas to spruce up various areas of your home.

Entrance: A flower wreath in your entryway will welcome guests into your home. Hang it on a coat hook for a fast display. When they leave, a smartly placed item will leave a lasting impact. Also, a wreath can help to break up the monotony of an empty corridor. You can decorate this high-traffic area by hanging one on the railing or near the stairway.

Fireplace: The fireplace mantel, located next to the front door, is also an excellent location for hanging wreaths. It creates a focal point that can be viewed from any corner of the room.

Dining room: Make your dinner guests feel ‘especially special’ by including thoughtful accents such as little wreaths on the backs of each chair. If you want to add a personal touch, attach a name card to each wreath. You may also make your own DIY wreath-turned-chandelier to hang over your table, or lay one flat and set a lamp or LED flameless candles in the centre to serve as a centrepiece.

So, since you’ve discovered the finest spots to hang wreaths, start decorating now!

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