What Are The Reasons to Pursue a Cisco Certification?

Networking is becoming a very coveted profession. As it opens new doors in the networking field, channels like Cisco certification courses are made available to the learners.

The certification helps in highlighting one’s curriculum vitae. In addition, it stands as proof that one has the reliable knowledge and skills required for the job.

Cisco career certifications have five different levels. They are-

  • Entry-level
  • Associate level
  • Professional level
  • Expert level
  • Architect level

Cisco Certified Architect is among the highest levels of accreditation offered. It helps in recognizing the architectural expertise of networking designers.

The following are the reasons why one should pursue a certification course by Cisco –

  • Certification approved by networking leaders

Cisco is known as one of the pioneers in routing and switching of technologies. Hence, it has one of the most significant shares in the market. Cisco also has one of the largest installed bases in its industrial field.

A significant chunk of the internet that travels through the pathways of networks has Cisco incorporated within them. 

When an individual acquires a CCNA certification or a certification in CCNP or CCIE, their skills will receive more demand. Therefore, these certifications play a crucial role in making an individual a job-worthy competitor.

  • Building a solid foundation using the Cisco certification

A Cisco course is more in demand among network engineers and network employers. A Cisco certification is one of the most common requirements when it comes to hiring in this field.

The comprehension of the network’s structure and its accompanying protocols is a very coveted skill in the technology industry. A Cisco Certified Network Associate or a CCNA exam can help in increasing the knowledge and expertise of the same. The program includes a curriculum where the learners are taught –

  • How to install products of network infrastructure in IoT (Internet of Things)
  • How to monitor such products
  • How to troubleshoot such products
  • Certification can open up new opportunities.

When one takes up a CCNA routing and switching course or a CCNA security course, they are directly creating their career paths.

The IT field has many opportunities that one can explore. Core skills can be applied to technologies like-

  • Cloud computing and collaboration
  • Datacenter
  • Network programming
  • Wireless networking
  • Network security

Pursuing a certification course shows that the individual wants to enhance their knowledge and skills. This zeal can help them stand out during the hiring process. These courses also show the credibility and readiness of the learner. 

In addition, many employers utilize the terms related to these certification courses as one of the criteria for identifying suitable job applicants.

Further, these certifications can help one prepare for the evolution of the network that is bound to occur in this digital era. 

  • Certification can help to keep a tab on all the latest changes in technology.

Technology is dynamic. It can change every other day or even every other hour. IT Courses, like CCNP security, help keep track of all the new advancements in the respective fields.

The innovative advancements in the field of technology made way for radical changes. The network architecture that can be programmed is dependent on-

  • Virtualization
  • Automation
  • Analytics
  • Cloud service management
  • Extensibility and openness

To ensure that one is aware of all such changes, one can pursue an IT certification course by Cisco.

  • Certification provides better options for training.

Through the authorized and authentic learning partners of Cisco courses, there is more than one method of learning. The classes have training options that are quite flexible. They are also designed to make earning a certification easy. 

One can enroll in any of the following training programs-

  • Training led by an instructor
  • Virtual classroom experience
  • Hands-on lab activities

The courses also offer an abundance of resources for learners.

All the above reasons show that a CCNA certification cost would be worth all of it.

Cisco has a continuous process that monitors the issued certifications. Therefore, one can also go for recertification of their status. This is to ensure that the courses are in pace with the requirements in the IT field.

Recertifying also shows that the learner believes in a continuum of the learning process. Certifications ensure that one is in the same line as the training advancements. Therefore, a Cisco certification course is worth pursuing after.

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