What Do You Need Fingerprinting For?

Are you applying for a residency permit or looking to travel abroad for a while? Maybe you need your fingerprints taken for a job? I offer fingerprinting and many other services that will help you get on the right track for whatever you might need. 

If you are looking into a new job, studying abroad, applying for a passport, adopting a child, or anything else you might need to be fingerprinted for, I can help. You can access this service on its own, or I can help notarize documents as well. Make Saves your one-stop shop for all things finance and more.

What Do You Need Fingerprinting For?

You may not think that you need your fingerprints done for anything, but there are actually quite a few instances in which you will need to provide your fingerprints. From something as simple as applying for a new job to something big like adopting a child from a foreign country, you may need to provide your fingerprints to proceed.

  • Employment:Some employers may require their employees to get fingerprinted. This also could extend to volunteers. Depending on the size and industry of the company you are applying for, various levels of security may apply. Employers typically require fingerprints if they are doing a background check or if it is a standard of the industry, such as security. 
  • Traveling:When you apply for a passport, you need to provide your fingerprints. This is done so that you can be matched to your identity when you travel between different countries. Other countries want to ensure the safety of their citizens. This also means that your passport is one of the most secure forms of ID since it is attached closely to your identity.
  • Citizenship:When you are applying for citizenship, you will also have to provide your fingerprints. This is also done to match you to your identification. In America, fingerprinting is an important step in recording criminal records or other information on each citizen. 
  • International Adoption:For those who wish to adopt a child from a foreign country, applicants are typically required to provide a criminal record check with fingerprints. The country they are adopting from, as well as America, will want to ensure the safety of the child being adopted, which is why they want to run fingerprints.
  • Visa Applications:Similar to traveling and employment, applying for a foreign work or study visa will also likely require fingerprinting to be done. This is to ensure the security of both the country you are in and the one you will be going to and match you to your identity.

Fingerprinting Preparation

Once you schedule your fingerprinting service, you will need to prepare before you get to the location. In general, the following steps should be taken in the preparation of having your fingerprints taken:

  • Drink lots of water the day before
  • Apply lotion the night before, but not just before the appointment
  • Bring two forms of ID
  • Wash your hands just before
  • Ensure equipment is wiped with alcohol to remove debris or residual fingerprints from previous clients
  • Relax and let the professional do the work

While these steps may vary depending on skin type and location of fingerprinting services, the basic principles remain the same: your fingers must be moist enough to leave an impression but not overly moist or covered with lotion, you must apply enough pressure evenly to leave a proper print, you must be able to present more than one form of ID such as a driver’s license or passport, your hands should be clean, and you should relax and let the professional help you with the process.

Types Of Fingerprinting Services

There are several ways a fingerprinting service could record your prints. These methods vary in price, accuracy, efficiency, and speed, so depending on what you need your fingerprints done for, you may be asked to undergo one of the following types of fingerprinting methods:

  • Traditional Ink Cards: fingers pressed into ink and then rolled onto paper cards, less efficient
  • Electronic Fingerprinting: fingers pressed against a scanner that records the fingerprints, most accurate
  • Fingerprint Criminal Record Research: legible fingerprints taken from a location or impression and searched for in a range of criminal databases, usually only used for criminal cases

The type of fingerprinting method used will vary greatly on your needs. Electronic fingerprinting, known more specifically as live scan fingerprinting, is typically the most common option for general use, such as passport applications or job applications. When choosing a fingerprinting service, you should ask several questions, including the turnaround time, method used, and process.

Notary Services

At times, notary services may also require fingerprinting. While taking fingerprints is not necessarily a notarial act, I am certified as a notary and in fingerprinting, meaning you can access both of these services together if you need them. 

If you need notary services, Saves can help. You may need notary services for various reasons. This includes the witnessing and notarizing of official documents like wills and custody agreements. Saves offers RON (Remote Online Notary) Certified services, Mobile Notary services, and more. My notary services are built to fit your business or personal needs. With mobile, online, and in-person options, I am as flexible as you need me to be.

Many documents require a notary’s signature. As proven protectors against fraud and identity theft, notaries serve a vital role in many individuals’ lives. Important events require security, peace of mind, and fairness, meaning there are many instances in which you might need a notary quickly.

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