What do you need to know about Twitter?

In March 2006 “Twitter” was created by Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, and Biz Stone. This is American online news, microblogging, and social media networking site launched in July of that year 2006. The user can interact with short messages, news, and posts known as “tweets”. Today undoubtedly it is the most popular social media platform. Only registered users can like posts and tweets. The unregistered users can only read publicly available posts, news, and tweets. Users can receive news by following high-profile celebrities(Taj Cross) and staying in touch with friends. More than 100 Million users posted 340 million posts per day by 2012. It began as an SMS base platform in which 140 characters were initially necessary. Mobile users impose the limit, not Twitter. For most accounts, video and audio tweets remain limited.

How does Twitter Work For?

Twitter use is easy as either to Post (Tweet) or receives (tweet). The user can join with a free account and Twitter name. After joining the account you can post (Tweet) whenever you like to post. Twitter allows individuals and businessmen to create SMS (Tweet) with up to 140 characters. The subscribers can receive updates from your account.

When your followers log into Twitter on their computer screen or on their mobile screen. The messages will appear on their “Timeline” or message feed. If you have mentioned a follower by the name. He will receive a notification letting him know that you have mentioned him.

Features that will build Twitter touching

Twitter’s quality has skyrocketed within recent months. Usage statistics state that the majority. Those who use Twitter act by interacting via the net instead of a third-party consumer-like TweetDeck or Twitter feed. Twitter’s net interface is easy and intuitive. However, it lacks a couple of options that will create it far better. During this article, you’ll read about wonderful interface options. which will enhance the Twitter net expertise.

Enable grouping of friends and followers

The ability to make teams (or categories) of Twitter users. That you simply follow will cut back the noise in your Twitter feed. and may assist you directly see updates from specific teams of users. For instance, having a bunch of “co-workers” or “local tweeters” will assist you. Quickly see what your co-workers are saying or notice current info on native events like traffic accidents.


The # Sign is employed to mark keywords or topics in an exceeding tweet. Hashtags will solely contain letters and numbers (no punctuation). Once you tweet a hashtag, the hashtag becomes searchable by different Twitter users. Any Twitter user will produce a hashtag at any time.

Tweets directed to a gaggle of individuals (“group tweet”) are also called a DM and simply a “message,”. These Tweets are personal between the recipient and the sender. DMs are the tweets sent over SMS once they begin with “d username” to specify who the tweet is for. So as to send a DM to a different user, that user should be following you.

The syntax for tweets is directed to a gaggle of users employing a double @ syntax. With firms and communities, change of integrity is fun. The flexibility to tweet to a bunch of Twitter users offers a convenient approach of specifically targeting a group of individuals. For instance, if you needed to tweet to your co-workers, the syntax could be @@friends or name of the group.


Twitter may be a nice supply of knowledge and maybe a fantastic forum for discussing numerous topics. Unfortunately, the present interface doesn’t enable you to simply read a speech between 2 or a lot of individuals.

Rib tweets will provide users the prospect to participate in (or follow on with) conversations going down in many Twitter feeds. Rib tweets may also function as a method for individuals to search out different Twitter users. That has an interest in similar subjects of including.

Metadata display through hover tooltips

A tooltip is an efficient graphical interface part that enables users to look at a lot of info. Once they hover or click on a text or object of interest while not having to depart the present web content. they allow information-gathering with fewer clicks and fewer pages to go to. A technique tooltips that will be useful is in seeing the bio info of a Twitter user. After you hover over their username on your Twitter feed. If you see a username mentioned in a motivating  Twitter update.  Hover over the name to visualize additional info regarding the user that was mentioned.


A subject that Twitter’s rule determines to be one amongst the foremost well-liked on Twitter at the instant. Some People are also crazy to know that How to hide twitter likes .


The user can make favorite tweets, by clicking the yellow star next to the message. Favorite tweets mean it will stay in your Favorites list till you take them away. 

The power to mark favorite Twitter users is still as deemphasized users. That you simply don’t care a lot about (but still need to follow for a few reasons). Will offer users higher visual queues on what to concentrate on 1st once poring over one’s Twitter feed

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