What does the wonderfold W2 offer?

A Wonderfold wagon is one of the best investments for parents of multiple toddlers. As a parent,
it’s pretty clear that there are some essentials that you just have to buy, and strollers are one of
them. They make travelling with your little one safe, secure and easy. Placing them in a buckled
seat ensures that they will be safe. Models like wonderfold wagon w2 and wonderfold wagon w
4 premium let you travel with up to 4 little ones at once.
The wonderfold wagon w1 and wonderfold w2, are designed for two kids. This can help if you
are dealing with twins or two toddlers at once. You can also opt for a used wonderfold wagon as
that can be a more cost-friendly option for people on a budget. Also, check out wonderfold
wagon reviews and specifically wonderfold wagon w4 reviews to know what they have to offer.
Although today we will be looking at the W2 model and all its specs.

Leather handlebar with adjustable handrest
The wondefold w2 is similar to the Wonderfold wagon w4 and comes with an adjustable
headrest or handlebar. This ensures that it can fit the news of people of all heights and
structures. You can easily adjust the handlebar according to your height as it comes with a 5

setting position. Furthermore, the handlebar has a leather cover that is great to hold and give
the wagon great aesthetic appeal too.

Detachable seats
The next great feature that W2 comes with are detachable seats, this gives you full control of
the sitting arrangement of the wagon, you can reposition seats, make them recline and even
take them out of a wash by simply removing them from the sides of your wagon.

The wonderfold stroller wagon W2 also comes with a front easy entrance that can be an easy
access for kids who want to climb in from there. You can easily open the zipper and let them in
and then close it right up. This can give the kids a little freedom and practice as to how to get
inside and outside from the Wonderfold wagon.

Side mesh panels
Another great feature of the wonderfold stroller wagons is the side mesh panels. This lets the air
pass through if the weather is pleasant. You can also place covers on the sides in case the
weather isn’t in your favour to protect your little ones. But these features give you a lot of
freedom and control of your wagon.

Slidable sunshade
A great addition to this wonderfold w2 is the sunshade. This sunshade is slightly different from
the other stroller as it is removable, adjustable and slidable. The sunshade is attached to the
wagon through poles that fit in each corner of the wagon. These poles can be removed and the
shade can be placed with the handlebar for safe usage. You can also slide the shade in any
direction you want deadening on the sun.

Folding option
With a model like W2, the folding option is simple too. All you need to do is take away any
accessories like a food tray and release the locks of the wagon. Afterwards, you can bring both
ends together by pulling them upwards and locking them. Now all you need to do is slide
Collapsible wagon in your car or place it in a corner to save as much sauce as possible.

Pull straps
Another great feature of the W2 is the pull straps. The pull strap can be connected to the front of
the wagon and can be used to pull the wagon from the front. There isn’t a special need for it but
if required you can take it out from the front zipper and hook it into place and pull the wagon with
the front pull strap instead of the handlebar at the back.

The W2 comes with ample storage for two little ones and any necessities you might have. The
storage basket at the back, also with zippers and storage at all sides. This will let you have as
much storage as you need to place the baby’s essentials or yours such as phones, keys or the

Reclining seats
The seats of the wagon also have a reclining option. These features let you recline the seats
very easily by sliding the hook of threats towards the centre. You can even do so, while your
child is resting in one of the seats.

Brake system
The W2 comes with a one-foot brake system that is parallel to the handlebar. So, in case you
need to stop, all you have to do is push the brake with your foot. This brings the wagon to a
complete halt and is very efficient.

Final thoughts
The wonderfold W2 is a great option for many parents. Especially if you are dealing with two
toddlers at once. This model will not only make a parents life easy but will be super comfortable
with the baby as well.

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