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What happens if you eat silica gel?

Silica gel is very useful in keeping your products free from moisture, but it is not safe if you want to eat it. Silica gel is mostly used after packaging some of the products through which the moisture in the environment doesn’t destroy your precious products. If you think about how a silica gel looks, it usually comes under the new product in a very small pack. If you try to open that pack, it may look like sugar or salt to you, and you may accidentally eat that but silica gel desiccant in nature. Being desiccant in nature means that absorbing each and everything so silica can absorb anything. 

What does desiccant silica gel mean?

Silica gel is mostly desiccant in nature which means that silica gel is used to keep the products dry and moisture-free. Taking about the components of silica gel, it is made up of silicon dioxide, which you can normally find in the sand. As sand can absorb a large amount of water inside it similarly, silica gel shares the same property as it can also store wet and moisture inside it. It is why the manufacturers buy a huge amount of silica packets from silica gel manufacturers.  

Industries and some households mostly use silica to dry the moisture from a particular area. You can dry your wet phone with the help of silica gel, you can take the moisture out from the windshield of your car to prevent deadly accidents, and you can store your silverware as new with the help of silica packets. Silica is very much helpful if your leather products are in contact with moisture for a long period. Silica gel soaks all the moisture from the product in which it is kept and lasts longer. 

Eating silica gel?

One can accidentally eat the small silica gel packs that generally come inside new water bottles or tiffin boxes. If you are an adult, you can mistakenly eat silicon gels by thinking of them as sugar or salt particles. The structure of sugar particles and salt particles are very common in silica gel, so you may accidentally eat that. If you are an adult and have eaten silica gel, it is not harmful to you. The complete silica gel will get out of your body gradually without causing any kind of hazards to your body.

If you are a small child and ate the silica gel, it is also not hazardous to you. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that as you are a small child and your organs are not that developed compared to an adult. Then it may cause your food pipe to choke. Once your food pipe is choked, you cannot do anything, and eventually, you have to get the operation done at the right time, or eventually, you will die. For this kind of mishappening, the pack consists of some writings such as do not eat or throw immediately after use. 


If you are an adult, you may digest it after eating silica gel, and it will come out of your body the next morning. If you are a child and have eaten the silica gel, it may cause you choking problems for which urgent operation is required. If you failed to reach as soon as possible, there is a huge chance of the death of the children. The best way is that prevent eating the silica packets and throw that immediately as you get it. 

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