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What Importance Does A CELTA Course Hold?

Education is an important sphere of everyone’s life and is incomplete without having the best teacher from whom knowledge and life lessons can be gained. Teachers form an integral part of a student’s life. They not only teach what is in the syllabus but also make an impact on the life of their students. It is in the hands of teachers to create or destroy the future of a student.

We have teachers for all professions. So, their job is based on their qualification and the certificates they earn from different institutes. Hence as a teacher, it is vital to take up courses like the CELTA course and keep themselves relevant. The certificates of this course also provide a boost for maintaining the life structure in a good manner while equipping a person with teaching practices.

What are the roles of a good teacher?

  1. Controller: The authoritative role that a teacher plays can be in two ways, high authority high involvement or high authority low involvement.
  2. Prompter: Every teacher prompts a student to take up various tasks and perform them effectively.
  3. Demonstrator: The role of a teacher is also to demonstrate the task in front of the students so that students can learn easily and effectively.
  4. Resource: The teachers also help to track the resources for gaining access to knowledge in different fields. 
  5. Lecturer: The teacher’s main role is to explain concepts well and to give suitable direction to the students for leading a stable life.

What is the CELTA course?

CELTA course is for people who aspire to be a teacher as it covers all the principles of effective teaching, techniques, and practical knowledge. You will acquire all the qualities of a good teacher from this course. The course topics include:

  • Learners and teachers
  • Analysis of language and awareness
  • Language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 
  • Lesson planning and use different resources for effective teaching.
  • Developing professionalism and teaching skills.

Details of the course:

CELTA courses can be taken up from an authorized university and can be of a long span, that is, around 120 hours. To choose the best place to get your certification, you must look for the following features:

  • Good communication between tutors and students.
  • Great and powerful lesson planning.
  • Support in the form of tutorials and consultation.
  • University must offer a minimum of 6 hours of coaching with a tutor.
  • Teach the importance of feedback in teaching practice.
  • Provide a chance to have an observation on teaching practices.
  • Classes by professionals and filmed lessons.

Also, keep in mind you might need 80 hours for pre-course preparation, research, reading, assignment writing, preparing lessons, and record keeping.

What is the evaluation method of this course?

When you take up this course, you will be assessed in three ways. Firstly, you will be checked for teaching practice, where you need to teach for four hours. Nextly, you will be given written assignments, and then the results will be declared, stating whether you’re eligible.


A teacher is a base for future development as he/she supports the aspiration of a youngster to become what he dreams of. If the teacher knows all the practices to make a child understand, then there is no looking back. The future of a nation is secure. This course holds enormous value and is powerful enough to equip a teacher with modern skills.

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