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What Is Fine Art? Can You Sell Fine Arts

Have you ever wondered if there is a concrete line separating the art alone and Fine Art? Well, there is. Art is the intact fusion of creativity, innovation, and talent. What is fine art then? Fine art is a form of art that deals mainly with aesthetics value; thus, you perceive anything as beautiful and useful. It is the broader term compared to other forms of art. To understand it more fully, let us dive deeply into what is Fine Art and the scope of Fine Arts.

But first of all, have you ever heard about Applied and Decorative Arts? What is Fine Art compared to Applied and Decorative Arts?

The truth of what is Fine Art

There are five main types of what is Fine Art- sculpture, painting, architecture, poetry, and music. The first three types are tangible, and something artists can make money from. So here comes the questions about what is Fine Art: Are all paintings fine art? Are all gorgeous carpets an example of what is fine art?

Well, just like any form of art, fine art is a creative expression of one’s self. However, it refers to the art produced for beauty than for physical utility. Fine art includes works of art that are created primarily for aesthetic reasons and intellectual purposes. Under Fine Art falls the decorative and applied arts- both useful and beautiful. It combines aesthetics, design, the needs of the consumers, and finding practical solutions to problems.

Applied and decorative arts are way more specific. And yet, Applied arts usually cross paths with what is Fine arts. But here is the hint to distinguish the fringe in between, Applied Arts has to look good and has to function. Decorative arts, on the other hand, is made with the primary motive of decoration. It is only limited to decorative purposes.

Industrial design, fashion design, interior design are classified as Applied Arts. Ceramics, glassware, basketry, jewelry, metalware, furniture, textiles, clothing, and other such goods are most commonly associated with the decorative arts. But you can create whatever you want with Fine Arts.

Can you sell your fine art? That is an absolutely sounding YES! People are naturally inclined to aesthetics. We are usually attracted to what can make us beautiful and make our surroundings pleasing to look at. Fine Arts, along with Applied and Decorative Arts, is a hugely lucrative business. If you can create anything that could adorn people, things, and places, showcase it. Just as art is everywhere, so art lovers too.

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