What is Kviku?

Nowadays, having more sources of money that can be tapped whenever needed is a must. A lot of Filipinos need to have a source where they can borrow money whenever they need and pay for it conveniently. However, there are a lot of instances where money lenders harass their customers whenever they do not pay on time. It can be a traumatic experience to the customer because they will be subject to harsh words and threats from the operators just to get them to pay.

Good thing there is a lending service company that eliminates any human interaction between the company and the customers. Kviku Loan offers money lending services to anyone who needs it, without having to speak to a human operator. This is the first of its kind in the Philippines, and a lot of people are seemingly loving it.

First things first, what sets Kviku apart from many other money lending services in the country?


It is common for money lending companies to send the money that the customer has borrowed to a linked bank account or an e-wallet. However, if the borrower sent an application over the weekend, they might have to wait for Monday to have their application processed, and the money sent to their bank accounts. What if you really need the money as soon as possible?

With Kviku, you do not have to worry about waiting for banking days just to get your loan. Regardless of when you submitted the application, the loans are given as soon as possible. You do not have to wait for days or even hours just to get your loan.

Kviku is a fully automated system, meaning there is no need for any human interaction throughout the process. Once you sent in your application, the system approves it, and you can get your money in minutes. This is perfect because no other money lender can do this as of now. Whenever you need the money, Kviku is there to extend a helping hand to you.

With Upfinance, Kviku is one of the many money lending agencies hosted by the website, with the sole aim of helping millions of Filipinos to find the loan for their various needs. Be it for businesses, personal expenses, emergency expenses, or even housing and auto loans, you can find it at Upfinance. You can also compare loans from each other and choose which money lending company is suitable to your needs and financial capabilities within minutes. That is how convenient Upfinance is to the many users of the site.

Our Takeaway

Kviku eliminates the struggles of waiting for banking days to arrive before people can have access to their loans. With its fully automated system, customers can easily depend on Kviku for emergency needs because the loans will be processed and given instantly. Thanks to its fully automated system, Filipinos all over the country can breathe a sigh of relief because there is a lending company that can cater to their needs, regardless of when they need it.

The Author: Maria Torres

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