What Is Strapping In Packaging?

When you are launching and handling a business, there are various products that you are selling, and bundling them at once is often challenging. For this purpose, strapping is a great choice since it can bundle different products together, secure products in pallets for shipping, and reinforce the cartons. There are different materials available for strapping but choosing one for your desired application is a long yet frustrating road.

Generally, the material options include PET and polypropylene, but some companies also use steel. The strapping materials are generally used for bundling different products and securing loads of pallets during storage, transport, and shipping. When strapping is used for pallets, it is highly likely to be complemented with the stretch wraps (it might look like an addition, but it’s important). With businesses, it can be challenging to secure the products during shipment and send them to shelves.

The companies often find themselves in a never-ending loop when selecting suitable strapping materials, but it’s not so convenient. For instance, you have to consider the functionality, application, difference between various materials, and more. With this article, we are sharing more about strapping, the available materials, and which ones are sufficient for optimizing the security standards. So, are you ready to find out more?

Polypropylene Strapping – What Is It?

Polypropylene strapping is known to be one of the most common strapping options and is available in various configurations. For instance, it is available in different core sizes, tensile strengths, and widths, and choosing one depends on your end application. For the most part, it is embossed, which adds more texture and strength to strapping, promising higher friction. The best thing about embossing is that it reduces dust development during the strapping procedures.

Polypropylene strapping has the capacity to be used manually with hand tools and buckles, but one can also use it with automated machines (yup, strapping machines). This stretching is meant to have 25% stretching when it’s used, but it can recover 10% of its texture within a few seconds. When the pallet and package settles, the PP strap will be able to retain a bit of tension. If the strapping is not uniquely formulated, the plain straps will be more sensitive to light degradation caused by UV lights.

In addition, it can be influenced by the rising temperature. If you want something unique, the companies can get in touch with the supplier, and they will formulate the strapping that fits your needs and don’t have adverse impacts. For instance, dynaric strapping can handle extensive weights, approximately up to two-thousand lbs. However, these advanced formulations are expensive but other alternatives are expensive, so weigh your options.

As far as the application is concerned, it’s a pretty versatile material and can be used for direct mail, newspapers, magazines, banisters, moldings, flooring, clothing, food items, appliances, hay baling, and pharmaceutical products. To summarize, it should provide enough idea on the application and related characteristics.

Polyester Strapping – What Is It?

Polyester strapping is known for its smooth texture, but various embossed varieties are also available for the brands that need it. For the most part, the polyester strapping is made from recycled materials, which makes it eco-friendly and suitable for brands that believe in sustainability. For the same reason, the polyester strapping is known to have a green color, and it’s because plastic bottles are used for creating the strapping (you know, all those 7-UP and ginger-ale bottles, hence the color).

On the other hand, there is heavy-duty polyester strapping available that’s popular for higher tensile strength as compared to the steel variant, and thermal tolerance has always been the plus point. The best thing about polyester strapping is that it as low tension decay, which means it has the capacity to give into tension for a longer time. It is crucial to consider this, especially when the products have to be shipped across countries or have various stops until it reaches the final destination.

With polyester strapping, a corded version is also available, which can be tied with hands and a wire buckle. It is made with glued-up cloth material, which means there won’t be any stretching, but the flexibility is there. It is a promising choice for heavier loads and can absorb the impact during shipping and transit. As for the application, it’s great for packing and transiting the bricks, tiles, can and bottle pallets, lumber, metals, and other heavy loads.

Steel Strapping – What Is It?

Steel strapping is not commonly used, but it has become a common option for shipping products through railroad containers. According to the Association of American Railroads, the government has mandated to use of steel strapping. There are various steel strapping options available in the market, and the majority of them are approved by AAR. As far as the material is concerned, it is made with the help of stainless steel, and it can be wrapped around the pallet’s edges when you bend it.

This is because steel strapping can lose a significant amount of strength when it’s bent. At this point, it is quite evident that steel strapping is the most heavy-duty option, which is why it’s great for such heavy-duty applications. The best thing about steel strapping is that it stays in place when it’s secured (no, it will not contract or expand). If you are considering the applications, it is suitable for securing metal containers, packaging steel coils, construction materials, and baling wires.

How To Select The Suitable Strapping?

When it comes down to strapping, one only has to think about the material because that’s the only difference. So, to determine the right material, we are sharing the factors that you need to consider, such as;

  • First of all, you have to check the product dimensions, such as weight and size, to ensure the material can handle it
  • Secondly, you have to determine the shipping distance because steel strapping and polyester strapping is great for longer distances
  • Lastly, you have to select the tensile strength

To wrap it up, the strapping materials are essential, but it’s equally important to order the right boxes so the strapping stays on properly. For this purpose, you can get in touch with WeCustomBoxes as they offer custom printed boxes no minimum, so get in touch!

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