What is the difference between RF and cavitation?

Today we will try to comment on the differences and similarities between two of the treatments that are being carried out the most in aesthetic centers in recent years: Cavitation and radiofrequency.

On many occasions, when we go to a clinic or beauty center, We find many treatments. To reduce localized fat in certain areas, be it the abdomen, arms, or legs, and improve our silhouette as we please, whether due to bad habits or neglecting our diet for a time. We may have considered this type of treatment since they are not excessively expensive from time to time. They do not require surgical intervention and their results are excellent. It is that cavitation machine has earned its way, with its results, to be part of most offers in aesthetic treatments in any self-respecting center. Still, after this type of treatment, many patients find that their skin has lost tension and that there are small wrinkles or folds after the operation, which we do not want.

For these cases, RF is an incredible ally. Thanks to its technique, it promotes the natural production of collagen in our body and, therefore, recovers tension in the skin, fills in wrinkles, and recovers that hydrated appearance. And fresh naturally and beneficially for us. 

How do cavitation and radiofrequency work in our bodies?

Despite being a session treatment and being carried out quickly and without going through an arduous recovery process, it offers excellent results. Many people think that you can’t have good results if you do not spend hours in an operating room if you do not suffer a big scar and a complicated post-op. This is a lie, as we can see. Although surgery is faster and more radical, it is also more invasive and can have more complications. Cavitation and RF are magnificent treatments that satisfy more patients every day.

While cavitation attacks fatty tissues with low-intensity ultrasound, radiofrequency opts for the electromagnetic waves produced by the device to which it is connected to stimulate the natural production of collagen in our body, something vital to keep our skin in good condition. Both treatments must be carried out by a professional. Suppose something is essential, in addition to the equipment used. In that case, it is the professional who carries out the treatment. The experience, and the knowledge about how the waves or ultrasounds act in our body, are the basis for us to obtain successful results.

We should always look for a specialized center with qualified professionals who give us enough confidence to leave our bodies in their hands, even for a short period.

Therefore, we find that radiofrequency and cavitation go hand in hand. At the same time, cavitation eliminates fat or cellulite, radiofrequency firms, and tones, which causes us to obtain incredible results by combining both treatments.

Are these treatments worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes. They are very good alternatives to surgery, which can be carried out without significant complications and are much less restrictive than aesthetic interventions since it is not always possible to perform an aesthetic intervention on all patients. who want it.

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