What Is the Future of Solar Energy in Colorado?

Colorado was one of the first states to initiate a Renewable Energy Standard.300 days of sunshine per year have helped Colorado remain one of America’s leaders in solar energy.But, does solar energy in Colorado have staying power?

Here’s what you need to know about the future of solar energy in Colorado.

Demand Is Soaring for Solar

Since the completion of Colorado’s 16-megawatt solar farm in 2017, demand for solar has consistently grown year to year. This specific solar farm supports 3,180 homes. Now there are dozens of solar farms under construction and more development plans on the horizon.

The state government is also funneling a lot of money into solar. The state’s Climate Action Plan to Reduce Pollution aims to reduce carbon emissions by 90% by 2050. The plan’s first major milestone is to decrease emissions by 26% in 2025.

Coloradoan’s support these moves because solar energy is bringing jobs and money to the local economy. When residents search for “solar companies near me“, they’ll discover over 187 solar businesses to choose from.

64 counties in Colorado rely on advanced energy for significant employment. Colorado’s future will be backed by solar energy.

Energy Economics and Politics Align

Historically, natural gas and coal have been the dominant energy producers in Colorado. But even the most conservative localities in the state have embraced the transition into solar farm jobs energy. This meeting of the minds secures solar’s future in Colorado.

However, solar energy is slowly replacing these non-renewable energy sources. A prominent utility company in Colorado Springs, one of the state’s most conservative cities, is planning to replace its longstanding coal plants with solar energy.

The cohesiveness towards changing to alternative energy sources has helped decrease solar prices significantly. Government-funded tax credits have also made it more affordable for businesses, manufacturers, and individual residences to afford solar power. Most tax professionals, as well as much of the free tax software being used, are equipped to handle these tax credits when tax time rolls around.  It’s also helped decrease energy costs, which is something everyone can get behind.

Solar Energy in Colorado Is the Big Picture

Everyone is all-in for Colorado’s solar future. The value has been proven to economists, citizens, employers, businesses, governments, etc. By 2040, Colorado plans to be transitioned from non-renewable energy to 100% renewables.

Solar energy in Colorado is not a trend. It’s an integral part of the bigger picture for the future of the state. Colorado is a top-ranked state for solar photovoltaic capacity. So, there are few barriers between the state’s solar goals.

State and city governments have many advocacy plans and programs in place. So Coloradoans can expect to see even more programs geared to make solar energy more accessible to residents and businesses.

Joining Colorado’s Energy Boom

There are many plans for the future of solar energy in Colorado and America at large. Each year more people seem to get on board with solar, and with that more barriers dissolve. It’s likely that solar power and other forms of alternative energy will be a big part of the future economical and political landscape in Colorado.

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