What is the Passing Score for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Examination?

The ServSafe Manager Certification is the industry standard for management in the hospitality and food service industries. This certificate certifies that you thoroughly understand the National Restaurant Association’s recommended food safety measures. These classes teach you about proper food handling and public safety in compliance with US Food and Drug Administration standards and bylaws. 

Local and federal regulatory agencies also recognize most ServSafe training certifications. As you study the ServSafe Essentials textbook and take practice tests for ServSafe Manager exam, the following is a comprehensive guide to the ServSafe Manager examination.

What is the passing score for ServSafe?

The ServSafe Manager examination comprises 90 multiple-choice questions, and you must have a score of 75 percent or more to pass. You will have roughly 90 minutes to complete the exam—you must answer everything because any blank question will be marked as incorrect. You may take the exam twice within 30 days, but after the second try, you must wait 60 days to repeat the exam. A maximum of four exam attempts is permitted throughout one year. The results are then posted online after 7 to 24 days of taking the exam.

ServSafe Food Protection Manager course contents

Students who successfully finish the course should explain the growth and prevention of disease-causing bacteria in a commercial kitchen, as well as food-borne diseases and questionable foods. Similarly, you should determine adequate hygiene criteria for food handlers and ways to avoid contaminating food. You should know the distinction between chemical and physical pollution and how to protect yourself from both. Recognize the symptoms of food allergies, their most common causes, and the most effective methods for informing customers about their potential inclusion in food service. 

Furthermore, you should address basic food handling methods, such as avoiding cross-contamination, preventing time-temperature abuse, and how to use and maintain thermometers. Besides that, you should explain how to avoid and control pests and proper cleaning and sanitizing in the commercial kitchen.

Scheduling an exam session

According to the Conference for Food Protection, the Food Protection Manager Certification must be conducted by a competent proctor. A proctor oversees exam sessions to ensure that exams are administered honestly. If you are searching for a proctored exam session, you have three options: you can take the exam in a testing facility, online with an online proctor, or locally with an approved proctor. You can book your exam session with an online scheduling method, regardless of which option you select. Your company or local regulatory body may provide in-house proctored exam sessions through different programs.

Why should you take the ServSafe Exam?

Likewise other professional certifications, the ServSafe Certification helps you stand out from other job seekers. The importance of certification cannot be understated, as it demonstrates to prospective employers your dedication to professional growth and development. This gives you a distinct advantage over non-certified applicants in the eyes of most hiring managers.

The other reason for taking this exam is that many restaurant owners prefer to hire kitchen personnel who already have a ServSafe Certification. This is because the restaurant does not need to budget for ServSafe classes. As a result, trained professionals are in high demand, which opens up many chances for you if you want to change jobs. Because ServSafe is recognized internationally, qualified personnel have a better chance of finding work overseas.

After passing the ServSafe exam and earning your certification, you may also apply to work with ServSafe as a proctor. Proctoring the ServSafe exam is an excellent opportunity to earn some extra cash on the side. Alternatively, you can apply to become a ServSafe instructor and train the next generation of skilled practitioners. On the ServSafe website, you can easily apply for either position.

What is the cost of a ServSafe Certification?

You should not be looking for a ServSafe Certification online for free. While pirated copies of the program may be accessible online, the only way to ensure you are purchasing an original ServSafe course that is entirely up to date is to purchase it directly from the ServSafe website or an approved store. The online course and exam for the Food Manager Certification are presently priced at $152.95. Additional resources, such as a ServSafe manager guidebook that retails for roughly $70, can be added to your purchase.

There are several benefits to becoming a ServSafe-certified food safety manager. If you are interested in gaining your ServSafe Certification, you can find training institutes that offer the course online. Make sure you are prepared for the examination by taking a practice exam first.

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