What to do when McAfee antivirus is not scanning?

McAfee antivirus is security software that offers tools and various services for data and network security. The plans for McAfee security are available for various devices. In the free plan, the user can directly install the setup and use McAfee’s basic scanning tools. For the advanced tools of the McAfee antivirus program, you can get the premium plan. The interface of McAfee is simple but still few people get errors while scanning the device.

Common reasons behind McAfee antivirus not scanning

  1. The user has installed an incompatible McAfee setup
  2. The device has very little free hard disk space
  3. The junk files are interrupted your McAfee 
  4. McAfee related registry files are missing
  5. Another program is conflicting with McAfee
  6. System files get corrupted

Troubleshooting McAfee antivirus not scanning 

Restart your computer

If your McAfee is not scanning the PC then restart it. The program can show issues on PC due to runtime errors. Close all the programs and then restart. Now go to the computer and click on McAfee. Open the antivirus and click on the Scan option and check for the error.

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Install a compatible McAfee antivirus

When the McAfee starts showing while installing then check for its compatibility. McAfee offers steps for various devices but you can’t use one setup on another platform. While installing, make sure the McAfee setup is compatible with the device. When McAfee shows an error, you should immediately check its requirements. If your setup is incompatible then uninstall it. Go to the McAfee website and search for the compatible McAfee antivirus. Now install a new setup and scan your computer.

Increase free hard-disk space

Free hard-disk space is very important for running a program. Without the space, no program can run. The PC uses free hard disk space only for system processes. If McAfee is not scanning, check the hard disk usage. McAfee cannot scan when the hard disk is full. The user has to increase the free space. You can add the SSD to the PC. If you have lots of programs, uninstall unnecessary apps for increasing the space. Now restart the computer and run the McAfee scan.

Remove junk from the computer

McAfee can show scanning issues with junk files. While scanning, these files don’t look malicious but can harm the system. Sometimes the antivirus can’t determine whether they are safe for PCs or not and get into scanning issues. If the McAfee scanning shows an error then check the computer for junk. Check the drives for the junk files. You can delete all files from the temporary folder. The user can run the clean manager tool on Windows devices. You can run the cleanmgr utility and it will show the junk on your computer. Choose all junk files and then remove them. After removing it, you can scan the PC with McAfee reliably.

Repair the registry files

If the McAfee antivirus shows scanning issues, check for its registry files. Apps show issues when the registry files are corrupted. The user has to repair the McAfee registry files. But repairing the files is not simple. Try editing the files when you know the steps. Before you edit any file, try to get the backup key. After creating the key, you can try editing your McAfee registry files. Now restart your McAfee antivirus and try to scan the device.

Update the McAfee and OS

Your antivirus shows scanning issues if running outdated. The user should update the security program regularly. When the error occurs, check for its update. Click on the update and wait to complete. After McAfee, the user should also check for his OS update. Update the OS before other programs start showing issues. After the update, restart the computer and scan the whole PC.

Revert the recent changes

When your McAfee scan is not working after making changes on the Security page then undo them. You can get scanning issues because the changes have restricted the security program. To repair the error, undo those changes. Again, open the security page and revert the changes. cancel mcafee antivirus When you don’t know the default settings, use the restoring point. The system restore tool will undo those changes and then you can run your McAfee antivirus.

Reinstall McAfee setup

McAfee antivirus shows scanning errors when the program files are not working. But fixing the McAfee files manually is a difficult and a time-consuming process. Instead of repairing, remove it. After uninstalling the corrupted setup, restart the PC and get a new McAfee setup.

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