What You Need To Know About The Devon Rex Cat Breed

Cats are adored and loved by most people all around the globe. We can all agree that pets add joy to our lives, especially if we live alone. Having a trusty companion or furry buddy makes life a little better. If you’re someone who’s planning to grab a pet cat, let’s say a devon rex breed? Then here’s what you need to know. 

Although there are many other breeds out there, why should you choose this particular breed? There is a lot to learn when it comes to cats and their personalities. Some may be playful, while a few are not, check out this link It’s not easy to know what your cat is like exactly unless you’ve spent many years with them. That’s why we’ve provided you an article that includes the facts about devon rex and cats in general. 

What Are The Characteristics Of A Devon Rex Breed? 

Devon Rex cat is said to be a medium-sized cat. Most owners are delighted with its playfulness. Yes, this breed is very active and full of energy most of the time. They also have a curly coat that is loved by people worldwide. It’s not all the time that we get to have a curly-coated feline since most of them have straight coats. 

The breed also comes in various colors: white, black, cream, brown, frost, platinum, chocolate, chestnut, and cinnamon. Its coat is short and less allergenic, which makes them low maintenance and has no special grooming needs. Additionally, the small one’s weight range is 8lbs, both male and female. 

Furthermore, they also have various eye colors, including green, aqua, blue, amber, copper, gold, hazel, yellow, and orange. We can all agree that they sound like beautiful pets. In fact, they make the perfect family cat. They’re playful, low maintenance loves being around other people, and gets along with other cats as well. I guess we can say that they’re the social types. 

Moreover, they’re a low-shedding breed, which means less mess to clean up. It’s essential to have this type of pet if you happen to be a busy person. Additionally, the Devon Rex breed is also intelligent and entertaining. Not to mention that they can live up to 9-15 years. Another fact is that these cats are excellent therapy pets.  

What Are The Personality Types Of Cats?

Studies show that there are five personality types in total. These are Extroverted, Neurotic, Dominant, Impulsive, and Agreeable. Of course, most felines can be much alike according to these types. Moreover, the more you learn about these types, the easier it’ll be to choose a breed. Not to mention that you’ll also discover what type of cat Devon Rex is. 


Felines have been known to be curious creatures. These outgoing cats have a lot more energy than you think. Furthermore, they can get bored quickly and might try to destroy stuff out of boredom. We can all agree that the furniture inside our homes is at stake here. However, there’s a solution to that, so just keep on reading.

These types usually need environmental enrichment and mental stimulation. Knowing the energy that they have means more toys to play on. This method ensures that they won’t tear off all the curtains by the time you get home. Moreover, it’s essential to spend some time playing with them every day. It strengthens your bond with your feline and prevents damaged items as well. 


Our beloved pets may also have anxiety and may show skittishness. The neurotic types are usually insecure, anxious, shy, suspicious, and are afraid of people. I guess we can say that they are highly strung cats (read more). When visitors come over, you’ll notice that they’ll run to their nearest hideout. Yes, these felines would love nothing more than a good hiding place.

On the bright side, once they feel safe in the environment they’re in, they’ll slowly come out of their shell. Although these types go through life by hiding and avoiding unwanted situations, they may still grow confident one day. All you have to do as an owner is be there for them, understand them and make them feel safe. 


If you own several cats and one of them is quite dominant, then the others are in for a little trouble. Dominant types tend to hog all the food, toys, and also the litter box. They may find it difficult to bond with others if they’re this way. There’s also a bigger chance that they’d screw up the entire household. However, we can all agree that no feline is perfect. 

The best way to prevent your cats from hogging one another’s food or other resources is to provide their needs individually. That means different bowls and litter boxes or trays. It’s also a good idea to place each of these apart from others. 


Impulsive felines are more likely to react inappropriately. This behavior can also be the cause of a stressful environment. These types are usually confused and haven’t learned the way of life. When facing uncertainty, they’d always run for the hills. One of the effective ways to help them is by providing a routine that can help with their confusion every day. 


In contrast to the other types above, this one is relatively easy to get along with. In fact, they’re the jolly type of feline. They’re one of the easiest kitties to get along with when placed in a household full of cats. The agreeable ones are much easier to handle since they’re also very social. This personality is developed if the cat is used to socializing ever since it was young.

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