When is The Best Time to Start Drinking Jasmine Tea?

People have been drinking jasmine tea for many decades now. Back in the days, jasmine and tea were both cultivated in china. As a result, many people consider drinking jasmine green tea in the form of a jasmine tea bag as a pleasurable and satisfying experience.

Most jasmine blossomed tea lovers use it with black or oolong tea, but the traditional ingredient was green tea. You can also use your jasmine blossomed tea in the form of loose leaf tea instead of using tea bags. Green tea is mixed with jasmine blossoms to make jasmine green tea popular among tea lovers. Jasmine blossomed tea offers a characteristic scent that will change your tea experience. However, people drink jasmine green tea due to the health benefits it offers.

Nutrient information of jasmine green tea

Like other teas, jasmine blossomed tea has no nutritional value unless sugar, milk, or other food ingredients are added.

A cup of jasmine blossomed tea has 0 grams of:

  • Proteins
  • Calories
  • Fats
  • Sugar
  • Fiber
  • Carbohydrates

However, jasmine tea has some minerals and vitamins coming from green tea, including zinc, iron, copper and potassium. Unfortunately, the above minerals are found only in small quantities.

Potential health benefits of jasmine blossomed green tea

Studies have been made on the benefits of drinking this tea, but most of the benefits come from green tea. Green tea has some antioxidants like catechins, specifically epigallocatechin gallate. 

It lowers disease risk

The antioxidant property of green tea blossomed with jasmine is linked to health benefits ranging from improving heart and oral health to improving your blood sugar control. Antioxidants protect your body from free radicles that can cause damage to cells. The catechins in green tea blossomed with jasmine have anti-inflammatory that reduced heart disease risks.

Aids in weight loss

Drinking green tea with jasmine will speed up your metabolism hence helping you lose weight fast. According to studies, green tea can speed up to 5% of your metabolic rate and increase up to 16% fat-burning speed. The fat-burning abilities of green tea with jasmine are related to polyphenol and caffeine content present.

Promote great oral health

Green tea with jasmine contains many catechins that can protect your dental health by preventing tooth decay. Green tea catechins prevent the production of acids by streptococcus mutans. Too much acid in your mouth can erode teeth enamel.

Best time to take jasmine blossomed tea

Drink between meals

It is healthy to drink green tea between meals. For example, take green tea 2 hours after or before meals to maximize iron absorption and nutrient intake. However, avoid green tea with food if you are or had suffered from anemia.

In the middle of the day

Avoid taking green tea blossomed with jasmine very early in the morning. You can suffer several complications when you take green tea in the morning and on an empty stomach. For example, the high catechin content can affect the proper function of the liver.

To get the best out of it, control the amount of green tea intake due to the presence of catechins. Since high catechins concentration can cause liver damage, the best time to take jasmine blossomed green tea is around 11.00 pm, midnight, or early at night.

Before exercise

The presence of caffeine can help improve fat burning during the exercise period. Also, green tea can increase your energy, helping you exercise for longer hours.

Few hours before bedtime

It is not advisable to take green tea before going to bed since caffeine can interrupt your sleep. Green tea contains amino acids that can make you stay awake for long and increase your concentration. Two hours before going to bed is the best time to take jasmine blossomed green tea as it is the time when your metabolic rate is low, and the tea can increase it.


The two main benefits of taking green tea are to support your digestive system and increase your energy levels. Therefore, you can take green tea when both or either of the benefits comes in handy. For example, many people have low energies after a meal and in the morning. Therefore, it makes sense to consume green tea after lunch or breakfast. Generally, you can take green tea 20 minutes after a meal, but that figure can vary depending on personal condition. The tea is delicious, and you can easily add it to your diet to maximize its fantastic health benefits. Get your jasmine blossomed green tea from an online tea and coffee shop or any local store.

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