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When To Harvest Weed And How To Tell They Are Ready For Harvest

Most cannabis growers have the same question irrespective of whether they are newcomers or growers with a little more experience in the field. That is when is the best time for harvesting weed. The cannabis plants offer the most potent THC and best high in the brief window of time between the budding flowers and the yellowing of the old plants. If the plant is harvested before that time, it may die, and if it is harvested later, the THC content is too low. 

Timeframe For Harvesting

To get the best results, it is necessary to know the time frame to work within. Even though the three-pronged fan leaves might look the same, different strains have different flowering periods. The three main types of strains available include the indica, sativa, and auto-flowering strains. The Indicas should be harvested after eight weeks of flowering, whereas the sativa needs to be harvested ten weeks after flowering, and the autoflower variety should be harvested ten weeks from seedling to bud. It is necessary to pay attention to the flowering time to understand and determine the maturity of the cannabis plants. Harvesting marijuana indoors little by little can offer the best yields as each of the buds are at their best stage. You can also choose to harvest twice a growing season if you have multiple plants growing outdoors. 

How To Determine Whether The Plant Is Ready For Harvesting

These are a few visual signs that you need to consider when the plant is ready for harvesting. 


The best way to determine whether your plant is ready for harvesting is by looking at the trichomes. These are tiny crystalline mushroom-like bumps that cover the buds when the plant is ready for harvest. They show different colors from clear to milky white to slightly yellow and contain all the THC. These grow and multiply over time. 

  • Clear and translucent trichomes signify that the plants are too early to harvest and do not contain much THC.
  • Half clear plants are ready for harvest, and they offer the most potent and brief highs.
  • Amber color signifies reduced potency and the orange trichomes produce higher narcotic effects. 

To get the best yields, it is necessary to harvest weed that shows colors between half clear and amber depending on the high they want. For a better high, it is best to choose the buds nearer to the half-clear trichome stage, and for a chill high, it is best to choose the ones closer to the amber stage. 


In the feminized plants, you can look at the pistil color to determine whether they are ready for harvesting. These are tendril-like sprouts that grow randomly along with the nods. They change from yellow-white to orange or amber when they mature. 


These are the first part of the cannabis plant that starts to grow. These are similar to the pouter buds of rose petals and tend to become plumper and swollen as they mature. 

Conclusively these are some of the indications that help you understand whether your plants are ready for harvest.

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