Which mushroom picking trolleys are safe for workers?

Mushroom picking trolleys are an essential part of mushroom growing farm equipment, so choosing the right ones is not an easy task. While efficiency is very important, as it directly impacts how many mushrooms are picked per 1m2, which in turn affects profitability, it’s not the only thing that should be kept in mind.

Safety is also key. Thanks to a mushroom picking trolley that has advanced safety systems, it’s possible to avoid many costly and stressful accidents in the workplace. But which mushroom picking trolleys are safe for workers? What features should they have? You’ll find answers to these questions below.

Good mushroom picking trolley should meet more than just the minimum safety requirements

A mushroom picking trolley that is just safe enough to meet the minimum safety requirements is not the best choice, as there’s still a risk of something going wrong. Trolleys that operate well above said requirements are a much surer bet, not only safety-wise but also when it comes to the low frequency of service and maintenance (which generate additional costs).

Durability and safety of the trolley depend mainly on the mechanical and electrical safety systems which have been implemented, but such things as materials used and precision of construction are also important.

Due to the harsh climate of mushroom growing farms, barely skirting the safety requirements can have serious effects in the long term, since high humidity makes it easier for the equipment, including the trolleys, to corrode and break.

Trolleys with automatic stoppage systems are a great choice

It’s possible for a mushroom picking trolley to encounter an unexpected obstacle during pickings, such as another trolley or a worker. In this case, the trolley should stop moving as fast as possible to not cause any damage. Modern mushroom picking trolleys, like the PASCAL model, have an advanced vandal-proof system (resistant to high crash overloads) with the use of high-quality sensors with a suitable IP class that detects any obstacles on the trolley’s way.

When any obstacle is detected, the stoppage system automatically prevents it from going any further. It’s worth remembering that even with the most experienced, responsible, and diligent workers, accidents can and probably will happen since all humans make mistakes. Such a stoppage system can then turn out to be invaluable, saving people from serious injury or the company property from being damaged.

It’s not always necessary to rely on electrical systems

In the case of detecting obstacles, sensors are the best choice. However, in some other cases, mechanical solutions can be even better. Mechanical parts are very durable and unlikely to break, even when used daily. Gates to the mushroom picking trolley are a great example of this.

While it’s possible to put an electrical sensor in the gate to control whether it is open or closed, comparative results can be achieved when using a lock in the form of a gravity latch. Additionally, when the doors open inwards, there’s no way for the worker to work comfortably without closing them. As such it’s not possible that they will be open during picking, which would be dangerous and could potentially lead to the worker falling off of the platform.

The safety of the employees should be the main concern while choosing new mushroom growing farm equipment. It’s worth noting that safety can go hand in hand with efficiency – modern, high-quality mushroom picking trolleys succeed at both. Such trolleys should only be bought from trusted suppliers, such as GROW TIME, to make sure that they indeed will be durable, innovative and, above all, safe for workers.

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