White Label SEO: What is it and how does it work?

The digital universe is changing at a furious pace and sometimes the best way to keep up to date in order to provide more and better services to our clients is to weave alliances with experts in other areas that we do not dominate so deeply, but that in the short term could generate new income. while expanding the range of services we can offer to our clients (current and future).

What does White Label mean?

A private label is a brand belonging to a large distributor, which creates a second brand with the purpose of selling products at an economical price and with lower possibilities.

The short explanation would be: I hire a third party to do work as if they were part of my team and my company.

So… what is white label seo?

White label SEO outsourcing consists of reselling SEO services for websites to other companies.

Example: a Web Design agency that specializes in page design and hires an external agency, expert in SEO, to provide the service (clients do not find out that they are external, they pretend to be part of my team, they contact each other from emails from my extension, they provide reports with my logo, etc.).

There are several advantages, in the very short term they can provide a new service (increasing the added value of my company), earning money without investing time and resources.

The external white label web positioning agency would then do the job of authentic SEO positioning anonymously, immediately adding its expertise, team and resources.

What SEO companies do and how the business model work?

The company or professional that hires a White Label search engine positioning service will continue to maintain the relationship established with its client, selling, billing and communicating with the client in a normal way while the authentic work of web positioning is done by another company.

The SEO company that actually runs the Campaign will, among other things:

Provide SEO Positioning service

Creation and development of the seo strategy. She will be responsible for conducting seo audits, proposing the actions and timing of the project, and allocating the human and material resources necessary to carry it out.

SEO Consulting

The white label SEO agency will be in charge of providing advice and support to the contracting company on SEO issues. After the first detailed seo analysis, they will design tailored campaigns to achieve the objectives set in the shortest possible time.

Generation of SEO Reports

The white label seo agency will generate adapted reports with the name and logo of the contracting company with means such as XOVI web & Social positioning tool, among others; those that allow this type of report to be produced.

SEO Tools

The white label seo agency will put the precise seo and analytical tools. This is a huge advantage since, although there are free tools, the vast majority are paid. Sistrix, SemRush, Screaming Frog and many, many more.

Don’t know how many? Find out in our blog post about Top Free and Paid Search Engine Optimization Tools.

Online Marketing White Label Who is it focused on?

As we mentioned before, the white label seo service is mainly designed for entrepreneurs, Marketing and Advertising companies, developers, designers, independent consultants and all those people or companies who wish to offer a search engine positioning service to their clients but who currently who do not have the necessary resources, equipment or knowledge but who understand the importance of SEO in Digital Strategies and want to cover their clients.

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