Why Are Canvas Prints Trendy These Days?

Whether you wish to showcase the timeline of school photos or a family trip, canvas prints are the best way to do so. Canvas prints are a unique and impressive way to showcase your favorite photo memories. They liven up and update your space in an artistic manner.

Though it’s a growing décor trend, many people confuse it with other forms of wall art. So, let’s first clear the air around it:

What exactly is a canvas print?

First things first! A canvas print is not a canvas painting. It’s a photo printed from an inkjet printer onto canvas. After printing, the canvas is stretched onto the frame. You can choose a frame or an unframed border.

There is always confusion between canvas prints, acrylic prints, and mounted prints. A mounted print refers to a paper print attached to a hard backing board. This preserves the photo and prepares the print for framing and hanging on the wall.  

When it comes to acrylic prints, it takes a picture printed on photographic paper. Then the image is placed between the acrylic sheets known as plexiglass. 

When we compare these three types, canvas prints evoke a pleasant, artistic feel. That’s because the canvas is similar to acrylic and oil paintings.

Reasons to Choose Canvas Prints

Canvas prints add a unique personal touch to every room. It’s also called photo canvas and gallery wraps. Let’s read on to know how pictures on canvas can make your photographs pop:

  1. Pictures on Canvas Pulls a Room Together

With the canvas printing technology, you can get away with printing photos that may not go together otherwise. This trick works even more successfully if you have the framed canvas. 

Most of the available canvas sizes can be framed using float frames. It provides a contemporary look to your space. Similarly, standard frames work well for a traditional feel.

Gather the pictures you might be able to print that fit the room’s theme. For instance, family vacation pictures look good in the living room or pictures of the garden for the kitchen.  

  1. Customizable to Any Size

Some standard canvas sizes include 8×10, 11×14, 18×24, and 24×36. You can go even for larger sizes, including 18×24 and 24×36. These create an instant visual draw and work well if you want to highlight larger sizes. This is all your choice!

In addition to standard sizes, the canvas can be printed from 8×8 to 96×54. So, you can choose any size in this range that fits your space. 

  1. You can Group Pictures on Canvas

Random but well-planned pictures hanging on the wall add visual interest to canvas prints. Don’t forget to plan how the grouping should look like once you hang it on the wall. 

  1. Canvas Pictures Go Beyond Photographs

This really allows you to express your feelings and attitude. Here are some ideas for getting started:

  • Old photos of family members
  • Graphic Design 
  • Quotes on Canvas
  • Public domain artwork
  • Collections of artwork designed by your children
  • Collections of your art photography

There are many more ideas you can choose for canvas printing. 

  1. No Glare

Photographs printed on glossy paper or framed behind glass look stunning when hung in the right place. However, in a room that catches a lot of natural or artificial light, the shiny finish may cause reflections. It often gets in the way of views seeing the images as it was intended. 

In comparison to this, canvas prints boast a pleasant satin-matte finish. It makes them a suitable way to showcase your photos in a brightly lit room. 

  1. Budget-Friendly  

One of the best benefits of canvas printing is affordability. For instance, the price of printing a photo on a large 24″x26″ canvas print is cost-effective compared to buying a piece of art or painting a similar size. 

In addition, it’s a highly rewarding experience when you see your own photography showcased at a grand scale. 

Wrapping Up

Almost all photos look awesome printed on canvas. Some photo art products feature unique traits that limit the type of photos that can be printed on them.

For example, portraits don’t look expectedly good when printed on a classic silver metal print. That’s because the raw, brushed aluminium easily highlights photos with low saturation.

In comparison to this, canvas prints make nearly any photograph look its best.

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