Why Are New Betting Sites So Popular?

Betting has been a popular pastime for as long as people have enjoyed watching sports. If you tune into a live match in the UK, you will be inundated with advertisements from some of the biggest names in betting, encouraging you to place all manner of bets on the upcoming fixture while offering you great value odds and special offers to entice you into making a bet. While William Hill, Coral, and Ladbrokes are long-standing bastions of the British betting scene, what are the reasons for the rise in popularity behind new betting sites? Let’s take a look now. 

Special offers and promotions. 

When a new betting site is looking to make a name for itself, it will offer a range of excellent special offers and promotions in order to get new customers. These offers might be in the form of free bets for new customers or money back specials for existing gamblers and many sites list the newest promotions. There’s very little loyalty in the world of sports betting, so punters are very happy to jump from company to company, seeking to extract as much as they can in the way of free bets and great value promotions. 

Social media. 

In the present day, the presence of social media as a means of mass communication plays a vital role in the establishment and popularity of all sports betting sites. As new sites emerge and form partnerships with football clubs and prominent individuals, they become widely seen by a whole host of potential customers. Many new bookmakers opt to appoint a ‘Brand Ambassador’ who improves trust in their brand and encourages punters to try out their online service. 

Live streaming. 

It’s never been easier than it is today to watch live sports. Most new betting sites are replete with live streaming features, which gives punters the opportunity to bet on matches and events that are taking place in real-time, while watching the action unfold in front of their eyes. This takes in-play betting to a new level and is undoubtedly an allure for many customers who sign up for new betting sites that have only just started making a name for themselves. 

Broad offerings. 

While a gambler might create an account on a particular site to place bets on football and other sports, they might look to another site for a different form of betting. And although many sites offer all-in-one solutions to their client’s betting needs, people like variety. It’s not uncommon for punters to have separate accounts for online bingo sites, casinos, and sportsbooks. It’s easy to see, then, that new sites emerging in each field offering great value are appealing to a range of customers. 

Sports-based advertising. 

In a similar way to the impact of social media, sports-based advertising of new betting sites has been a fundamental contributor to their recent success. Football teams, stadia, and even individual players are sponsored by gambling firms from all over the world, which has increased their visibility in the UK market and encouraged gamblers to try new services and sites. The fact that betting sites advertise so broadly in sports, and football, in particular, has been a key driver behind the growth of new sites in recent times. 

Given that sports betting in the UK is almost as popular as the sport itself, it’s little surprise that it’s such a growth industry. And with more and more sites emerging every year, offering great value and lots of variety, there’s little indication that this growth will slow up any time soon.  

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