Why do People Buy Bed Frames?

People require eight hours of sleep, but 4 out of 10 Australians do not get enough sleep, and 12% of people in Australia sleep less than 6 hours. Most Australians go to bed at 10.45 p.m, and men sleep better than women. Sleep is needed for the body to rest and get refreshed to face the next day. Sleeping well is required for good health and well-being. Generally, people sleep on a mattress and bed frames support the mattress. Most Australian bed frames are sturdy and do not allow the mattress to sag. A better-supported mattress offers better support to the people sleeping on it. It also prevents them from tossing and turning throughout the night.

Popular bed frames

Wooden bed frames

Wooden bed frames look natural and beautiful, and they are suitable for all styles of bedrooms. They are made from various types of timber and have warm or cool hues. A high-quality wooden bed frame is attractive, lasts for many years and is made from hardwood timber in Australia. The bed frames are easy to clean and maintain.

Low bed frames

A low bed frame is a timeless elegance and doesn’t occupy more space in the room like the higher frames. Generally, they have low headboards, upholstered finish and storage drawers in the lower portion. Their sleek and modern design suits contemporary bedroom styles.

Platform bed frames

Platform bed frames are ideal for modern bedrooms with small spaces. They have a chunky frame, and most include under-bed storage drawers. They are helpful in homes that have less storage space. They suit a range of bedroom styles and come with different headboard styles.

Metal bed frames

Metal bed frames are a great choice when people are looking for something that can last for many years. Metal frames come in a range of finishes, like matte and gloss. They are cheaper than wood and are more resistant to scratches and damage. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Fabric bed frames

Upholstered bed frames make the room look comfortable and inviting. Fabrics with eye-catching textures are used in the bed frame. The headboard is cushioned and is perfect for people who like to sit on the bed and read. They make the place look cozy and become the centrepiece. Though they enhance the visual appeal, they require more maintenance.

Upholstered bed frames and metal bed frames are the strongest frames. Some slatted bases are strong, but flat platform bed frames are the strongest. Metal and solid wood bed frames are the best options when people need strength and sturdiness. In poor quality bed frames, the parts move quickly, feel loose or bend when weight is applied. An upholstered bed with a tall headboard is suitable for large bedrooms. A low bed frame is apt for children as it enables them to get in and out without difficulty.

How to choose a bed frame

Set the budget

The first step in purchasing a bed frame is setting the budget. It helps to narrow the search and check items that fit the budget. Without setting a budget, people may end up buying something that is unnecessarily expensive.

Decide the size

People must consider the size of the bedroom before buying a bed frame. There must be at least one metre of space on three sides of the bed to enable people to move around. A double-size frame is ideal for adults who need more space.

Australian bed frames are strong and are available in various sizes to suit customers’ requirements. Bed Frames are the centrepiece in a bedroom. A reasonable bed frame enhances the room’s appearance and gives sleeping comfort.

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