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Why Driving Leads & Raising Awareness Is Becoming A Challenging Day By Day?

As we all know, lead generation is at the heart of most marketing teams’ goals and the process does not come without its challenges. There are several stages of a buyer’s journey and it is crucial to hone in on the potential customer’s journey through your marketing funnel. Each and every stage plays an important role in influencing the ultimate goal, purchase and also repeat a customer. But just like any other perfect marketing plan, a company needs to have targeted and appropriate pay per click management services in order to gain maximum benefit from the campaign. Using the wrong strategy can backfire as well as damage your brand. Therefore it has become increasingly challenging to create awareness about your product or service in an effective manner.

Information overload makes it difficult to create awareness about a service or product

With the uprising of the Internet, the world has changed from one of information scarcity to one of information abundance. In fact, some statistics show that approximately five exabytes of data were created between the dawn of civilization and 2003, but a comparable amount of information is now being created every two days and the pace is increasing rapidly. Buyers are overwhelmed with all the noise. In such a scenario, it is difficult to grab attention and raise awareness about your product or service as the demographic is getting better at ignoring the unwanted messages and researching what they actually want to learn about on their own. To rectify this situation you have to implement tactics that are adopted by companies at the top of the marketing funnel. These strategies usually revolve around creating and putting out content that is crisp and grabs the audience’s attention in a unique way simultaneously creating intrigue in the customer’s mindset.

Inability to reach the target audience

Brand awareness can often be very vague and it is easy to start chasing any kind of tangible metrics or results. Factors like page views to social shares and mail open rates can seem like the key to proving that you pay per click management services are creating brand awareness. But it is difficult to figure out whether all those vanity metrics are coming from the wrong audience. Brand awareness, when created amongst the wrong audience, can risk wastage of marketing resources on an audience that will never make a purchase. A way to solve this issue can be looking at intent data that identifies the total active demand for the products and services that you offer, beyond the first-party personas and surfaces the hidden prospects that you don’t realize are looking for a product in your market. It is easier to drive brand awareness and convert leads when marketing resources are spent on in-market prospects that fit well with the product’s features and benefits.

Proper monitoring of leads and measuring the progress

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is tracking the right touch at the right time. After putting great effort into capturing and nurturing prospects, it can be tempting to simply keep launching new lead generation campaigns without surfing through the results of the old campaigns. There are several tools that can help you to map out the buyer’s journey, identify leads that dropped out and monitor KPIs. Let’s take a look at an example. Supposedly a user subscribes to your youtube channel, which then triggers the following chain of events; receiving a notification, reviewing a product and making a purchase. This contributes to different stages of the lead generation cycle of getting a customer into the purchase funnel and tacking this progress is tough for the marketers. Expert pay per click management services understand how to work through each stage, can analyze what worked best in a campaign and modify your action plan towards achieving all the relevant data that contributes to growth.

Low engagement through digital advertising

Certain campaigns that are most suitable for the ‘think’ or consideration stage which is right in the middle of the funnel are search, display, and video ads. Prospective customers at this stage have an idea of what they are looking for and search with specific keywords and a clearer intent. Pay per click management services also targets the leads at this stage with soft remarketing campaigns that can boost your business. But as mentioned before the audience is becoming averse to online ads that just serve the purpose of a hindrance to their feeds, hence resting low engagement through the ad that is put out by a company. The solution is to hire the right people who offer pay per click management services as they can help you segment the audience, personalize the copy for specific segments, and time the ads correctly.

Retention of lead and building loyalty

Another major challenge after grabbing the attention of the prospects is getting them to convert to customers. For marketers who want to exceed their goals, it is important to overcome this hurdle and address areas of opportunity for continuous improvement. Conversion rate optimization is a way of leveraging data to identify the most impactful ways to increase leads and demand generation. This process involves measuring and analyzing the key performance indicators of the website that drive conversions, recognizing potential gaps, and finding solutions to fill them. Remarketing to previous customers can drive them to convert more often and become advocates for your brand. The trick is to remind them of the benefits, showcase the added value and offer an incentive for returning.

In conclusion, aligning your pay per click campaigns with your marketing funnel may help overcome these challenges

Many studies have shown that that lead nurturing programs lead to success. The ability to convert leads into customers is controlled by how well you understand your prospects and the actions taken with the help of this knowledge. Monitoring and tracking progress can only be as powerful as the steps you put forward on their basis. Having proactive ppc campaign management services to handle the KPIs and CTAs serves well in the long run and leverages what works while avoiding what doesn’t.

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