Why Hot Tubs Are Gaining Popularity

Hot tubs first arrived to the American market some time in the 1970s, and they were highly popular back then. After their popularity faded for some time, it seems that they’re becoming increasingly popular nowadays. This article aims to explore why that is so. 


It used to cost an arm and a leg to install a hot tub, and it took weeks of construction. Nowadays, with portable hot tubs people can purchase a hot tub online,  pay for same day delivery, and have it up and running by the end of the day. These are more affordable to purchase, easier to install, and do not need the added expense of hiring a construction crew. Apparently, they function just as well as traditional hot tubs, so no one is missing anything by getting the “cheaper” option. 

Benefits Are More Well-Known

While it started out as a fun, recreational activity, hot tubbing has become much more. People these days know the benefits of hot tubbing in detail—and they are not limited to relaxation and stress relief. There are well-documented studies that show that the practice can be used to help with sleep deprivation (even severe insomnia), depression, and for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. 

Fitness Is More Fashionable

Hot tubs are well known in the fitness industry for their ability to relax the muscles and reduce soreness after a workout. While fitness has always been encouraged, it seems that in the time of social media, more people are exercising regularly. In particular, weightlifting is more common nowadays (which causes sore muscles that would benefit from the hot water). This gives people all the more reason to get into the hot tub and relax after cooling down post-workout. Note that you should not get into a hot tub directly after a workout because your body temperature would be too high and the added heat would cause dehydration. Take a cool shower first, then get into a hot tub when you’re nice and clean, and your muscles are ready to be massaged.

Instagram Culture

Since we’ve already mentioned social media, we might as well show how Instagram culture has helped increase the sales of hot tubs in recent years. Hot tubs have always been associated with luxury, even after they have become more affordable. Photos from the hot tub are great content for Instagram, and the culture on that platform encourages this type of photos. Influencers and regular users are fond of posting their photos as they relax in a variety of ways, hot tubs being one of them. 


Hot tub use is more widespread these days than ever before. This is partly due to the decreased cost of purchasing and maintaining one, among other factors. The culture associated with the luxurious aspect of owning a hot tub is great for today’s increasingly digitized world whereby people share photos over the internet. Whether you opt to invest in getting an inground hot tub or a portable spa, the result is the same: you’ll be able to relax in a pool of hot bubbly water whenever you want.

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