Why Is Efficient Workplace Communication So Important (Now More than Ever?)

It used to be the case that a company could do something, whatever it was, from making a shoe to giving advice on penny-farthing maintenance, and the most important thing was that it was done well. 

Doing something well is still important, of course, but there are now other things that are perhaps even more crucial to some customers.

Be Quick and Responsive

It’s commonly held that people’s attention spans are diminishing. If you got to the end of that sentence maybe it’s not a universal phenomenon. But it is true that, for a business to thrive, it has to know that today’s customers are often not minded to wait too long. This is the case whether we’re talking about the speed of picking up the phone or the time it takes to finish a product. 

If your business likes to take its time over things, it will probably find that a significant number of customers decide to look for a competitor with more of an eye on the clock. 

But how can you speed things up? One of the key ways is by using better communications. Use a communications system that helps to organize the workflow and removes the complications that often attend dealing with a myriad media types, you can ramp up the speed of your business. 

Unified Communications

For instance, say a customer gets in touch via chatbot, but the automated assistant can’t help with the particular problem. If your communications system is based on having one person for emails, one person for SMS, one person for posts, etc, and the chatbot person are not in that afternoon, then you have an inbuilt delay. 

A method of enabling all staff to deal with all messages would be perfect for your communications system. It’s called unified communications. 

Quality Counts

The ideal situation is to have speed, but not at the expense of quality. A rapid response that delivers nothing useful is a waste of time. Not much time, admittedly. But still a waste. And it impacts badly on a company’s profile to have shoddiness, even sharply-shifted shoddiness, as its stock in trade. 

This is where unified communications via cloud-based technology can assist. Firstly, the sound quality is superb, making clarity of communication the modus operandi of your business. 

Secondly, such a system can incorporate A.I. driven analysis, which can help with finding new ways to tackle old problems, or can assist with targeting training for the best effect. For these and other reasons, A.I. is being used more and more in communications. 

Flexible System 

A hugely important factor to be borne in mind with cloud-based unified comms is that the system can be scaled to fit the company. With the economic climate the way it is, any efficiency measures that a communications system can deliver are heartily welcome. As the business grows, the system can be upscaled. And reduced should the need arise. 

Say It Once and Say It Loud

If communication is the bloodstream of a company, using technology to render it efficient is like a low cholesterol diet. It keeps things flowing, and where there’s flow, there’s life. 

James Jackson

James Jackson is passionate about exploring the latest advancements in technology and sharing his insights with the world. From AI and blockchain to cybersecurity and IoT, James Jackson strive to deliver informative and engaging content that empowers readers to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape. Join me on this exciting journey of discovery!
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