Why is Fit for Duty testing important and which organizations offer it?

There are many different ways to say this, but the most common way of saying it is by saying “‘Fit to work’ or ‘fitness to work’ is a medical assessment done when an employer wishes to be sure an employee can safely do a specific job or task. Medical evaluations are performed to determine if the employee can effectively perform the work or tasks under the work conditions.”

What benefit does the employer receive from offering Fit for Duty testing?

By hiring employees who have physical qualifications for the jobs they will be doing, employers can expect to see many benefits. These include Reduced turnover costs, Reduced injury rates and Increased data on worker health.

What type of organizations offers Fit for Duty testing to their employees?

Fit for Duty testing can be defined in a very broad way, as there are many different kinds of “fit” levels depending on the type of job applicants will be doing. PCP works Testing, Inc. often sees candidates for municipality positions, manufacturing jobs and office work! The type of fitness tests that they receive varies based on their job requirements.

Your employees need to be able to perform their duties without injury. Their Fit for Duty screening offers an extensive evaluation and reporting process that will help you give your employees the best chance for success today—and in the future.

Purpose of Fitness for Duty Evaluation

Fitness for duty evaluations are used to determine if an employee has any medical conditions or psychological problems that may make the employee or others in the workplace unsafe.

When an employee is unable to perform the essential functions of his or her job due to a medical or psychological condition or poses a direct threat to himself/or herself or others, an employer may require that he/or she undergo a fitness for duty evaluation.

An employee may be referred for a fitness for duty evaluation if the Company becomes aware of an employee’s possible inability to perform his or her job duties adequately. Examples of impairments that may warrant the Company’s request for a fitness for duty evaluation include:

  1. Possession, consumption, or impairment of alcohol and illegal drugs;
  2. Drug use that adversely affects the ability of the employee to perform his/her job functions in a safe manner;
  3. Incoherent or slurred speech;
  4. There is an apparent problem with vision, awareness, coordination, or dexterity;
  5. Acts of aggression or threatening behavior;
  6. A sudden change in mood or behavior;
  7. A feeling of fatigue, drowsiness, or sleepiness; or
  8. Other conditions or behaviors that affect the employee’s ability to perform their job functions successfully and safely.

Independent Medical Evaluator and Payment

If the company requires a fitness for duty evaluation, an independent medical evaluator will conduct the exam. If an evaluation is required, the company will pay for it. If the employee wants a second opinion, or an additional evaluation from another provider, the employee will be responsible for paying the cost of any additional evaluations.

Where Can A Fitness For Duty Evaluation Be Done?

PCP Works provide accurate and prompt medical evidence that helps answer complex medical questions in fitness for duty evaluations. Their board-certified medical evaluators offer services with expert care and professionalism. Whether you want to schedule a fitness for duty evaluation, contact them today.

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