Why It’s Getting More Difficult to Decide on a Major

It seems that these days, young people have more trouble than ever when it comes to deciding on a major in college. Well, although such a tendency is not a novelty, its scale has certainly grown bigger over the years. Now, students really struggle to narrow down their choices and commit to only one profession. Moreover, many students plan to have at least two career paths, just in case. Needless to say, the popularity of social media platforms has given students the chance to be more creative and independent in their work. However, there are many more reasons why students take longer to decide on a major. Let’s see some of the biggest ones below.

Fame as a career

As we have already mentioned, social media has given young people a unique opportunity to forget about the traditional career paths and focus on creativity instead. Indeed, many students work hard to turn their social media pages into a brand they can profit from. Why wouldn’t they? These days, it’s possible to earn good money without a college degree. Fame has become the new ideal career for many. That is why so many students struggle to decide whether they even need a major at all. Also, many students choose a discipline rather as their plan B than the prioritized path. After all, why wait four or even more years till your first big paycheck, when opportunities to earn are right there in your smartphone?

‘The world is your oyster’ approach

Young people think that they can be anyone they want. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this type of thinking in general. Yet, when you believe that all paths of life are open to you, choosing just one option can get much harder. How can a young person know where to look when propositions seem to be endless? Narrowing down your potential career paths can get much harder when you view the world yours to conquer. Yet, it is necessary.

The longer students delay with their choice, the harder it can become for them. Eventually, they may simply freeze in the uncertainty for a very long time. It turns out that having too many options is almost equal to having none at all. The only real advice here is to look for your passion. Everything else, like skills or experience, can be gained in the process. Yet, if you choose something you won’t learn to love, success is open to question.

The word is changing day by day

It’s getting harder and harder to choose a successful profession, as the labor market is changing day by day. We often consider many factors when choosing a major. Its potential profitability and demand are among the two major qualities. However, with the job market so unstable, how can you really choose a career that will still be there after your graduation? That’s only one of the worries that keeps young people awake at night. Though, there is more.

Sometimes the major you have chosen will simply be too competitive. Thus, too many people try to get in. Such a tough competition starts already during the school enrolment. However, it gets harder further on. Not many young people want to face such a fierce rivalry for a job. Thus, even if they are passionate about the major, they may seek a job in non-related fields after graduation.

The fear of disappointment

Lastly, there is always a fear of making the wrong choice. Getting disappointed in something you have chosen to do for the rest of your life is terrifying. Fortunately, no one has to continue with their studies once they’ve lost interest. Remember, you can always pay for homework while being busy with finding a job close to your heart. Indeed, these days, students can always count on getting help online. Thus, you get to find yourself a paper helper who is fully capable of taking care of your grades while dealing with your career crisis. It takes courage to choose a major for yourself. Yet, it takes even more spirit to realize that you need to quit and change your path. Don’t be afraid to do so.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, each student will have their personal reasons for why it’s hard to pick a major. We have outlined just a few major factors that impact young people’s decisions regarding their future careers. However, there are also other factors, like tough competition, salary preferences, mental health impact, and so much more.

Overall, it is important to recognize the modern labor market for what it is – a chaotic, ever-changing place with insane competitiveness and growing demand for perfection. So it is no wonder that many students are reluctant to choose only one major for themselves. The stakes here are too high, while the toll on their personal lives and mental health can be too much to carry.

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