Why National Daughter Day is celebrated

National Daughter Day is celebrated for the very same reason to remind people around the world that a girl child is not inferior to a boy child. The day is also celebrated to raise awareness about acceptance of a girl child and end the stigma which came with patriarchy.

Many people have no idea that a wonderful holiday called Daughter’s Day can be celebrated on April 25, 2022. This is a great time for parents to celebrate their love and affection for their girls. Daughter’s Day reminds everyone that sons and daughters are equally important, there is no reason why daughters don’t deserve the love and affection a son receives. There is no reason why parents can complain about the birth of a girl, as sometimes happens in some families. The answer to the question is when is Daughter’s Day in 2022 in Russia, as in other years – April 25.

The day of the week changes, but the date remains the same. You can congratulate your beloved girls on Monday, on the 1st day of Bright Week, right after Easter Sunday. The world celebrates days dedicated to almost all family members – mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons, grandparents. You can find statements that dads are especially fond of dads, but mothers, over time, instead of beautiful babies that cause delight, acquire assistants and girlfriends, confidants. National Daughter Day has become an organic addition to the series of “family” holidays: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and has acquired an interesting social character. On this holiday, public attention is directed to the problems of adaptation of adolescents, their interaction with each other and with loved ones. The holiday is intended to emphasize the importance of girls for the family, as well as to keep warm relations between already grown girls and their mothers.

Features of the National Daughter Day holiday

It should be noted that while this holiday is only looking for its place in the calendar. There is also International Daughters Day, which is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in September. This date is most likely associated with National Daughter Day in India, celebrated on the same day. In the United States, there is also National Daughters Day, which has a constant date of September 25th.

In addition, Americans celebrate National Son and Daughter Day on August 11 every year. You can, of course, celebrate Daughter’s Day on any of the two dates you like – April 25 or the fourth Sunday in September, we think it’s more fun to do this in spring! Decide for yourself, or you can mark it twice.

Unicef and CRY celebrate September 24 as Girl’s Day. This information may be known to many, but not everyone knows about the holiday that is celebrated on April 25th. Regardless of social status, financial situation, religion, and worldview, the importance of daughters in family life should not be underestimated. One has only to think about the happiness of fathers who are greeted by their daughters when they return home, about the happiness of mothers for whom the hugs of their girls are enough to forget about bitterness and troubles. Daughters are the best gifts for parents who can be proud of their children. In their lives, daughters become angels. The lady acts as a mother, wife, sister, but first, they are daughters. Daughter – love, and happiness. One has only to think about how fondly some writers and poets portray their daughters. Many say, “Without daughters, and therefore without women, the world would be as boring as a garden without a flower.

Celebration traditions on National Daughter Day

Celebration traditions In Russia, in addition to social events (festivals, competitions, and concerts on the topic), the date is celebrated in the family circle. Here everyone has room for creativity, attention, and love: girls are given gifts, after delicately asking what their daughter would like; prepare an impromptu festive table with favorite children’s dishes; attend events specially prepared with them, or go to theaters, exhibitions, and concerts; devote personal time to a greater extent than usual, devoting it to a hobby or daughter’s addictions, help in creativity; if free time permits, they go on short-term family trips.

On National Daughter Day, millions of people around the world post photos with their daughters, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters on social networks. Many countries are often accused of patriarchy. And the data confirms that, in many parts of the world, the attitude of parents towards their daughters leaves a lot to be desired. For decades, authorities and campaigners have struggled to address these issues. Now in the world there are more positive stories about women who were able to achieve a lot, today they can be found in private and public, in corporate sectors, there are many influential women politicians, scientists, doctors, representatives of other important professions in the world.

On April 25, people can, together with their daughters, go to various conferences, exhibitions, educational events that will allow the younger generation of women to see for themselves a vivid example of a successful person who represents their gender.

This is a great opportunity to show their daughters that the whole world is open to them, a great opportunity for parents to reconsider their parenting methods, change their views on life, change their lives and the lives of their children, give girls love, teach them to give love in return. Daughter’s day can be a great occasion to create another family tradition. It is enough to get together every year on April 25 to celebrate the life of daughters, thereby strengthening the bond between family and friends.

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