Why Our Kids Should Learn Scratch Coding 

Learning to code is suitable for children not just in terms of future career preparation but also in terms of developing strong logical and creative thinking abilities. However, despite its obvious benefits, getting your kid to begin studying coding can be difficult for many families. We all know that learning to code will help our children have a brighter future and that if they don’t learn to code now, it will be considerably more difficult and difficult for them to join the workforce in the future. 

As a result, efforts like Scratch, which are welcoming and colorful, are an excellent method for our children to begin acquiring critical abilities like computational thinking, algorithmic reasoning, problem-solving, and creativity. 

Scratch is a visual programming language popular among kids throughout the world. This visual language, which is made up of blocks, allows users to build online projects, games, apps, and various other things. 

The community’s engagement is one of the most intriguing aspects of this visual programming language. When a user completes a project or anytime a specific user desires, they may share and discuss their work with the rest of the community. Do you recall how important collaboration is when it comes to scratch coding

Scratch: A Beginner’s Guide to Coding 

The MIT Media Lab invented Scratch, a visual programming language, in 2007. Its colorful blocks and drag-and-drop interface make it one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Unlike traditional programming languages, which require the programmer to type the code out, Scratch allows children and adults to create interactive games and programs by linking code blocks. 

Scratch is a free, block-based programming language for children aged 7 and above developed by the MIT Media Lab. Scratch is designed to assist “young people learn to think creatively, reason logically, and collaborate – vital abilities for life in the twenty-first century” by allowing them to build their tales, games, and animations. 

Scratch is available in two versions: online and offline. It’s a programming language, a creative tool, and a community of Scratch creators eager to create and share their diverse works. 

1. Scratch is a fun and creative way to express yourself. 

Your kid may design a colorful animation, add music loops, make things larger and smaller, and spin about from the very first session. They can later design their own game with their items. Scratch is a natural playground of creation where no two projects have to be the same. 

2. Scratch Helps to Develop Essential Thinking Abilities. 

Scratch is an excellent place to start if you want your child to become a professional coder or simply develop their thinking in that way. I’ve taught hundreds of kids Scratch, and I can tell you that they generally face their first reasoning wall rather quickly. One of the most crucial characteristics of a professional programmer is overcoming difficulties, and Scratch provides excellent practice. 

3. Scratch is Pleasant to the Eye and Useful for Animators. 

I used to be fascinated with MS Paint when I was a kid. However, we were drawing in two dimensions at the moment. Nowadays, children may create drawing after drawing and then use Scratch to combine them into tales and animations. These narratives and graphics might serve as a springboard for additional animation tools for professionals. Scratch also has a sizable anime community. 

4. Scratch is Simple to Learn Without Books, Tutorials, or Typing Skills. 

It’s all too simple for your child to be held back from learning a professional computer programming language because they don’t have the correct tutor, struggle to stick with a book, or don’t know how to write and move carefully. Scratch’s visual drag and droplets children of all ability levels to move rapidly and have fun. 

5. Scratch is Easy to Use on the Internet. 

Scratch coding is a programming language that everyone in the world may use. Its ability to be translated into any language is one of the advantages of having a pre-programmed programming language. Anyone with an internet connection (or a Scratch desktop) may build projects and collaborate with individuals from all around the world.

Are you ready to begin learning Scratch? 

Scratch coding is an innovative platform and coding language that delivers creativity and ease of learning to new programmers of all ages for all of the reasons listed above and more. 

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