Why people should Quit Social Media?

The whole world seems to be obsessed with Facebook and other social media platforms. Even kids these days have their social media accounts and are active users. The widespread usage of social media is also because of the easy accessibility of high-speed internet, possible because of providers like Spectrum for instance, that always impress the users, be it standalone plans or bundle offers, with extensive Spectrum channel lineup along with blazing fast internet speeds. So, it’s always a win-win for Spectrum users.

Though there has been a shifting trend in terms of entertainment. Gone are the days when the family would sit together to watch their favorite TV show or cable and have some quality time. Nowadays everyone seems to be sunk into their phones while surfing aimlessly over social media. Every person has multiple social media accounts. Let’s admit it-it is hard to find people around you who do not use Facebook or Instagram. But how many people out there are concerned about what social media is doing to our minds or the cyber security threats it poses. With as many as more than 2 billion users active on Facebook, and more than 1.5 billion people logging in every day, we are becoming more and more indulged in the online world. It is important to keep track of the time you spent on various social media platforms and what are the consequences of its excessive usage. Here is some reason to quit social media:

More Anxiety and Addiction

Every person using any social media platform regularly can relate that it is addictive. You are wasting so much time on it, doing nothing, just looking at other people’s fake lives portrayed over their social media accounts, particularly public figures or celebrities.

How often do you find yourself browsing your Facebook newsfeed or checking out Instagram stories of your favorite celebrities or brands? The obsession eventually becomes an addiction, causing a rise in your anxiety levels. It is not helping you learn or grow rather most people are often struggling as they deteriorate their mental health. 

Security/Privacy Issues

Your social media account is all about you. It has your personal information on the profile. People are uploading pictures along with their life events, locations, etc. Remember the companies running these social media websites are there to make money. They would not hesitate much to sell any personal information to a third party for the sake of money. This usually involves advertisers as third parties. This alone should make you realize that your personal information is not safe on these platforms.

Reduced Self Esteem

Every one of us has been a victim of low self-esteem at one point or another while using social media. You see a Facebook post of your friend vacationing in Mauritius, or buying a beautiful house, cruising in their dream car, and quickly start comparing your life to them, spiraling into jealousy and depression. Social media can give you countless reasons to feel useless and insufficient about yourself. The result is that you are distracted. You often feel lost, confused and cannot focus on your goals.

Waste of Time and Energy

You log in to your Facebook account, thinking you will just spend a couple of fo minutes but you end up spending hours and hours of aimless browsing, envying, and becoming distracted for no good. You have wasted valuable hours of the day and drained your mind, without even realizing it. Quitting social media can help you out that time and energy to something useful and productive.

Ambiguous Content

No content or news over social media is usually authentic. The ownership of content is not clear which is because anyone can post anything on their account. So there is unlimited content and posts so it’s always easy to get misled. Everyone has something to say and there are always chances of finding more negativity.

Wrapping Up,

There is not much learning over social media. If you want to focus better on your goals and not get distracted by the fancy stuff you see over social media feeds, you must quit or at least minimize your social media usage. This will help you save your time and energy and stay out of any negativity. If you feel your addiction to social media is growing, it’s high time you pay attention and break the cycle. There are other healthy activities you can engage in, for some good entertainment and relaxation.

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