Why should you choose quality hosting?

Choosing quality hosting is a key decision in the success of your Internet business. In charge of the storage and security of your files and data on your site, your  web hosting  is also responsible for your visibility on different browsers. This means that if your host “drops” on you, all of your content, and therefore your company’s communication and sales tool, disappears.

What is web hosting used for?

If you are new to the Internet, you are not necessarily comfortable with the different roles of each actor. Hosting on the Internet is a secure storage space on a server provided by a service provider called a web host. It happens that online hosting companies are also registrars, that is to say, offices accredited for the registration of domain names. In the world of entrepreneurship, we use a host to store the files of our website and distribute them.

A storage space for files and website data

Before choosing your hosting plan, and deciding between a dedicated or shared server, you must estimate the amount of disk space you will need. Of course, the professional in charge of your website will be able to advise you on the best of the most recognized web hosting . At home, the available disk sizes start at 10 GB of data for installing a WordPress site and go up to 250 GB to host 150 sites of the same CMS.
The disk space requirement for a WordPress site is around 1GB, including room for:

  • the WordPress core
  • MySQL databases
  • plugins and themes
  • download directory

You therefore have plenty of room to set up your professional site there and make it progress.

A connection system that makes your site visible

The other role of your host is to display your site to all Internet users who call it by its domain name. Indeed, each domain name is attached to an IP address, which your host provides to the web browser that requests it. Since your data is stored on servers permanently connected to the Internet, it is responsible for their display. A 500 error corresponds precisely to a defect in the server of your host.

To connect your domain name to your hosting space, you must configure your domain name’s DNS to point them to the files you have uploaded to your server. The propagation time can be a few hours, so don’t be alarmed if the connection between the two is not instantaneous. Finally, even if the host is responsible for the display of your site, it is not responsible for the fact that your website is not referenced on Google and does not appear on keywords.

A secure environment

Do you think that there is nothing to steal on your website and do not see the point of providing special security? Beware, cyberattacks randomly affect sites, and in particular WordPress sites, whose large number of users around the world has aroused the curiosity of many hackers, who try every day to penetrate websites using of computer programs.

Your host is responsible for the security of your data , since it is he who stores and backs them up. Each provider takes precautions against cyberattacks and hacks of its customers’ sites. The automated and periodic backup procedure and the possibility of restoring your site for free are, for example, part of the criteria to be checked before choosing your service provider, to ensure a perfectly secure environment.

Murtaza Ali

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