Why Top Brands Use Feather Flags for Event Marketing

High-quality feather flags can attract thousands of customers to local businesses. Of late, these marketing tools have been doing great are marketing events. Here’s why. 

Marketing events are always great chances for businesses to ‘stir things up’ and attract potential customers, business partners, and admirers. Be it a charity event or a grand store opening event; local event marketing always helps businesses. They get mentioned in the media. This brand exposure increases the amount of foot traffic entering the stores. They’re also ideal places for reaching out to target audiences and interacting with them. Most importantly, these events offer the perfect chance for brands to get exposure.

Even though the role of event marketers has fundamentally changed because of the global pandemic, they’re still planning to use several traditional marketing techniques at their events. Customized feather banners and flags are key parts of these strategies. Here’s why these flags do well and will continue to do well at concerts, trade shows, store openings, company parties, etc. 


Unlike other marketing materials that require protection,feather flags are extremely resilient. They’re light-heartedly called ‘sail flags’ because of their ability to withstand strong winds, rains, etc. They may face damage due to these exposures, but they stand tall for hours, keeping the brand name flying high!   


A well-designed marketing material that can be reused in various events – that’s the dream for most marketers! Given that businesses need to cut marketing costs, these flags offer the perfect deal. Use them for multiple events until the advertisements do their trick and solidify the brand name amongst users’ minds. As long as these flags are maintained properly, they’ll never grow old!


A lot of the cost of creating these marketing flags goes into designing them. So, businesses that are facing budget crunches can easily avoid extravagant designs and have single-sided flags printed with basic business-related information.


Just because you have the option to spend less on design doesn’t mean you have to! Marketers can let their imaginations run wild while they’re customizing these flags. Digital printing services make it really easy to custom print elaborate graphics on polyester or silk flags. 

Non-Stop Exposure

Ideally, these marketing flags can stay up for twenty-four hours every day of the event. Most events last for a week (maximum), so marketers can secure private ad spaces for the whole event with these flags. 


Compared to other advertisement materials or marketing options, feather banners and flags are extremely cost-efficient. They’re reusable, easy to design, and last for long periods – what else do cost-efficient marketers need? 


These flags can be as small as notebooks or as large as billboards. They take up very little space, no matter how big they are. As long the brand logo and the marketing messages on the flags are visible, marketers can cut costs by opting for a small-sized flag. 

Easy to Set Up

When it comes to assembly, there are no easier marketing materials than these flags. They’re extremely light, easily portable, and don’t require marketers to use nails, hammers, or other heavy tools. 

Flagpole kits can help marketers solidify their brands’ presence at major events. A well-designed flag is guaranteed to catch the eyes of passive onlookers!

Binta Adam

Binta Adam is a blogger and helps businesses in getting online visibility. She is an Islamic scholar and has well gripped on the Arabic language as well as English and Urdu. She also helped a variety of businesses ranging from digital marketing to b2b tools.
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