Why you should have an employment recruitment agency

There are many reasons you should use a recruitment agency to hire your staff. The current market is very competitive and candidate-driven. It makes hiring and sourcing qualified and suitable candidates to be strenuous. Many companies use the recruitment agencies like Vancouver Recruitment Agency for various reasons. Here, you will get the top best reasons your company needs to use a recruitment agency. 


Hiring employees is tiresome and takes time. It’s worse when handling roles that involve knowledge and technical skills. The in-house recruiters have to spend extra time researching and reading. They need to make sure that they select the best talent. 

Going for employment agency services will allow you to save on time. The recruitment professionals do the recruitment for a living. They have all the skills and facilities to enable them to do quick interviews. The placement of employees in various companies is also fast. Say goodbye to the hustle of going through the many CVs and applications. The recruitment agencies have their screening mechanisms. They ensure that the employers spend time on only vital applications. The employers will also not have to do the interviews. 

Since they have their connections and database, agencies are more efficient. They can easily source ideal candidates for the right job. They thus shorten the whole recruitment cycle. They give firms a chance to get perfect employees for their jobs. 

High quality hires

Companies also prefer to use recruitment agencies to get high-quality employees. Many agencies specialize in specific roles or industries. It implies that such agencies have a vast talent pool and in-depth market knowledge. All these combined will increase the chances of hiring qualified candidates. 

Specialized recruitment agencies have built their network from the long duration business. They can get the passive candidates fit for the job that a company may not contact. They have a personal connection and the specialized connection with the market. It enables the recruitment company to forward high-quality candidates. 

Market knowledge 

The work pass application process and recruitment legislation process are constantly changing. The changes can be precise and hard to find. The recruiter’s market knowledge and industry expertise are vital in such situations. Agencies can help meet the relevant legalities and requirements to get the right employees. 

Recruitment agencies provide insightful feedback on the industry. They give all happenings and constructive comments in the following areas:

  • Drafting job descriptions
  • Career expectations
  • Salary rates

The information is crucial for attracting and reaching the best talent available. 

Guarantees periods of reduced risks

Employment agencies services don’t end once a contract gets signed. There is a need for extra security in dealing with new hire retention. 

The guarantee period is a safety net in the transition period where new employees start the job. The period runs between three to six months. During this time, companies can assess the capability and suitability of the recruits. If the recruits are unfit, a recruitment agency will provide another option for free. 

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