Wine Tasting in Australia – Basics

Australia has emerged as one of the best and most respected wine producers in the world. Not only are Australian wines exported to the rest of the world, but they are also internationally acclaimed.

If you embark upon a wine sampling journey through Australia, you will surely be blown away by the taste. Not only that, the wine-making process too will definitely impress you.

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Why are Australian Wines so Impressive?

Australians have gained popularity worldwide for all the right reasons. These wines qualify as one of the best globally because of their excellent quality.

Wines in Australia get their brilliant world-class quality because of the climatic conditions in which they are harvested. The climate in Australia is ideal for the harvesting season.

Not only are the brilliant wines internationally acclaimed, but they have also boosted tourism in the continent. The Australian economy has seen a significant impact because of this.

Types of Wines in Australia

The wine in Australia differs from region to region depending on the variety of grapes and the climatic conditions.

The most globally renowned wine from Australia is the Shiraz. It is this Australian wine that catapulted Australia into one of the most prominent players in the global wine market. Most of the wine produced in Australia is of this type.

Besides Shiraz, traditional wines are also produced in the Australian continent. These include Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, and more.

Now that you have an idea of the wines in Australia read on to learn how to taste wine like a pro.

4 Steps to Taste Wine

Wine tasting is not only a process; it is a form of art. The goal is to find pleasure in every wine that you taste.

Step 1 – Look

The first step is to fill only a third of your wine glass. After that, observe the colour of the wine. A wine’s colour gives hints about the style and character of the wine. On some occasions, the colour of the wine can also indicate its age. Usually, the colour red wine becomes pale with age, and white wine turns deeper with age. Observe the brightness of the wine.

Step 2 – Swirl

Surely you have noticed people swirl their glass of wine before taking a sip. Ever wondered why they do that? Swirling the glass of wine aerates the wine, this releasing its true aroma.

Tip: Hold a glass of wine from the stem to swirl it easily.

Step 3 – Smell

Human noses can smell up to a thousand different smells and odours. However, our tasting abilities are restricted to only 5 sensations. Therefore, before you jump in to taste the wine, take a moment to take a good long sniff. This will reveal a lot about the style and flavour of the wine. 

Step 4 – Taste

Finally, you taste the wine. When you do so, you have 5 things to assess:

  • Sweetness – most Australian wines are dry
  • Tannin – strong tannin taste makes the wine taste like strong tea
  • Alcohol – high alcoholic volume makes it taste sweeter
  • Acidity – high acidity can make your mouth water
  • Body – the wine may be either light or medium, or full-bodied.

Wrapping Up

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