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Women’s Shapewear | Tips & things worth knowing

Women’s shapewear and everything you always wanted to know about it? Shapewear, also known as bodices or figure-shaping underwear, is becoming increasingly popular. And not just for women! No, even the gentlemen of creation very often use shaping underwear these days to optically conceal their figure.

Body shapers, girdle bodies, girdle pants, shape tops, etc. are on offer and that often makes the selection difficult. That’s why we’ve put together a few useful tips for buying shapewear & co. that will certainly help you make your decision.

Shapewear what is it?

Shapewear is used for figure-shaping underwear or corset clothing, or corset for short. Women’s or men’s shapewear forms the bodies where it has “problem zones” in the wearer’s eyes and makes the silhouette appear more attractive.

There is a variety of figure-shaping lingerie and underwear, ranging from shaping panties and panties, waist briefs and pants, panty girdles, body shapers & shape bodies, to outerwear such as shaping leggings, but also figure-shaping bathing suits and chemises.

Some shapewear is also equipped with various push-up functions, such as push-up panties, which lift the buttocks and shape the hips at the same time.

Who wears shapewear?

Shapewear, also known as bodices and figure-shaping lingerie, is worn by women as well as men and is becoming increasingly popular.

Everyone would like to look pretty and often finds small problem areas that they want to hide or conceal.

Nevertheless, there are differences between shapewear and typical corsetry. While bodices often have a very strong and zone-specific effect (e.g. bodies belt), shapewear also focuses on the look and the fashionable appearance.

Of course, the shape effect often suffers as a result, because you can well imagine that a shaped body, slim-fit leggings or a shaper swimsuit cannot have this corset effect like a relatively thick and strong corset belt.

The positive thing about women’s shapewear is the health aspect. Bodices that are too strong can lead to health problems. For this reason, doctors tend to advise against using compression garments that are too strong. Shapewear in the right size gives the body a lot more freedom and does not damage your health – despite the visible shape effect.

If you choose the right size, the body does not cut in anywhere and does not constrict any parts of the body. There is no pressure on internal organs – such as with corset belts, etc.

Where can you buy shapewear?

Figure-shaping underwear can be bought in standard underwear stores. The prices vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. You can also purchase shaper wear from authorized shapewear manufacturers’. However, the price-performance ratio is absolutely good, the quality has been proven over the years and the shaping effect is very high. In addition, the fabric impresses in everyday life. Breathable, deodorizing, and antibacterial.

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