WordPress Tips: How to Navigate WordPress as a Beginner

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, with over 35% of the internet using it for their websites. This translates to over 455,000,000 websites that are built on WordPress.

Despite its popularity, WordPress is not the easiest platform for beginners and it takes some time and effort to get around it. Luckily, once you understand how WordPress works, you can easily post whenever and whatever you want.

Here we’re sharing the best WordPress tips for beginners to help you create a professional website for your business or personal brand.

Take Your Time to Look Around WordPress

If you’re a complete beginner, creating a website on WordPress can feel overwhelming. Take it easy with navigating the platform for the first time. Look around, watch some tutorials, and make sure to not rush with designing your website before you know your way around WordPress.

Buy Hosting and Domain Name

Before you can start using WordPress, you’ll need a hosting plan and a domain name. Hosting is what keeps your website online and a domain name is the URL of your website.

You don’t need an expensive hosting plan if you’re just starting out and domain names are pretty affordable. Most hosting providers offer a free domain name to new users for the first year.

Install WordPress

If you decide to go with (which is self-hosted and different than, you need to install WordPress first. This is a very simple process and in most cases takes up a minute or so. Once installation is complete, you can access your WordPress dashboard.

Back-End vs. Front-End

To build a good website on WordPress, you need to understand the difference between the back-end (also known as the dashboard) and the front-end, which is the part of your website visitors see.

The dashboard is where everything related to your website is located, including design features, posts, pages, plugins, and fixing common WordPress errors.

Whatever you do in the back-end will reflect on the front-end, so before you make any major changes, make sure you back up your site or use a staging environment to test out different options.

Choosing a Theme

Using a theme is one of the best tips you’ll find in a WordPress beginner’s guide as it’s already done for you. Using a theme will save you so much time and effort — all you’ll have to do is fill it with content and customize it to your liking.

WordPress offers free themes you can use if you don’t need a complex website. You can also purchase themes from both WordPress and professional web designers and enjoy more options, customizations, and features.

These WordPress Tips Will Help You Navigate the Platform Like a Pro!

Whether you’re a complete beginner in designing websites or know your way around them, these WordPress tips will help you navigate this CMS like a true pro!

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