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X10DR Launches Digital Vehicular Repeater

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Wireless Pacific’s X10DR® long-range wireless remote speaker microphones are now a 21st century evolution of traditional digital vehicular repeater systems. Functionally identical to a mobile vehicle repeater, the X10DR passes all radio traffic from the attached host mobile two-way radio to the remote user as they move away outside of their vehicle. The X10DR solution allows the user to communicate up to 500 meters or more from their vehicle’s two-way radio, as though they were still sitting in the vehicle. We recently spoke with Wireless Pacific’s CEO and inventor of the X10DR® out of car communications solution, Martin Cahill. Martin has been deeply involved with the two-way radio industry for over 45 years and together with David Cox are the original founders of the Australia Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) which represents all radio communication interests to the Australian government.

In these days of ever smartphones why the investment and interest in two way radio innovative inventions like X10DR?

” The single number one shortfall for the mobile two-way radio since its invention, by Motorola over 70 years ago is, how do you communicate once you get out of the vehicle? The choices in the past have been; ignore the problem and let your staff fend for themselves or, triple or more your financial investment in radio base station infrastructure and buy low powered handheld portable radios, or finally, invest in technical complex, cumbersome and expensive DVRS radio devices, or digital vehicular repeater systems as they are more generically known. Sadly and maybe as expected,  most often users were left to look out for themselves and all group, shared real-time knowledge and team spirit was lost whenever users got out of their vehicle to do the work ”,  Cahill passionately responded.

“These very well known operational issues related to use of DVRS radio repeater devices are solved by X10DR’s innovative frequency hopping, spread spectrum RF architecture. Since its invention in 2012, X10DR has blossomed to become the gold standard in “out of vehicle communication solutions. They are now in use by tens of thousands of, we can proudly say, very satisfied radio users around the globe. Why, because of its simplicity. The X10DR solution is so smart it needs almost zero user training. One of its trademarks is Powerfully Simple™ , we think that says it all. Users love X10DR because it simply works! Now in 2020 we are making even smarter designs and in certain configurations, some X10DR models can even provide up to 800 meters, or 2700 feet, communications coverage away from the vehicle. A lot further than the typical person will generally choose to walk before they move the car. Although we have to admit in these sit at home CV19 lockdown times, maybe that ought not to be encouraged”, he joked. “while we are at it, it’s pronounced EX-TEN-DER … phonetic just like you see on car number plates”. X10DR is an out of vehicle range extender!

Ok, I get it, X-10-DER. So where did the concept for X10DR come from and what advantages has it over these DVRS, standard mobile vehicular repeaters that it competes with?

 “ Solutions in the past, where sadly for many mobile radio users often operationally impractical. Very expensive and they required just an excessive investment in user training and knowhow. As many have experienced with first-hand knowledge, unless strict management protocol criteria are religiously followed, at scene chaos would often follow. After 40 years in the two-way industry, we knew there had to be a far better way to address this age-old problem and X10DR has shown unequivocally that there is”, Cahill enthusiastically claimed.

“Because of X10DR’s unique approach, there’s now no need for often shared and scarce licensed frequency allocations and its susceptibility to inherent interference from outsiders, and perhaps more significant, no lost audio or vital radio system tones. Specifically, X10DR systems don’t suffer from serious contention issues when multiple vehicles arrive at an event or scene”, he asserted.

“Highly Mission Critical focused X10DR Elite units deliver exceptional out of vehicle communications back over the vehicle’s mobile two-way radio. In an industry breakthrough, X10DR Elite models allow full-duplex handsfree communications on-site at the scene, while maintaining full access for all users to the vehicle’s mobile channel. All transmissions are AES128 voice protected, totally exclusive, and ensure all conversations are completely private between the handset users and the gateway. Incredibly, in comparison to the installation cost of traditional digital vehicle repeaters” the all-inclusive cost of an X10DR out of vehicle communications system is just a small fraction,” Cahill noted.

Do you believe there’s still a legitimate argument for these expensive DVRS mobile vehicular repeaters?

“Naturally, we accept there are those exceptional situations like in parks and forestry where users may frequently be required to walk miles into the wilderness. Obviously, in these cases, once cost-justified the use of a DVRS and licensed hand-held portable radios might seem the right solution. Then again with alternatives like Iridium® PTT  readily available for the remote wilderness user that is arguable. In the end, one needs to look at the real coverage problem and the solutions available and their various attendant costs, complexity, and practical implementation. The right tool for the right job, if you like”, he respectfully acknowledged.

“More importantly” he continued, “we equally understand that for many, a practical work area defined “bubble” of reliable communications around their immediate vehicle satisfies most users. These bubbles are the real work area where 90% plus of their actual duties are performed. It’s here where X10DR excels. Invariably human nature ensures that users will always park their vehicles as near the work area as is feasible, after all, who wants to walk 200 meters if you can park 10 meters away. X10DR has set and continues to produce the industry’s benchmark for cost-effective out of vehicle solutions. A proven solution delivering practical and realistic long-range performance”, Cahill articulated.

So where to from here for ‘X-10-DER’ range extender?

“We have some great new revolutionary X10DR innovations in the wings, once we can just get past this horrible crippling CV19 pandemic which is not only decimating businesses but is causing so much suffering for so many people in the world today” he concluded.

X10DR is available from distributors and professional radio dealers throughout the nation and on-line at the X10DR Global Store (www.x10drglobalstore com). Further information may be found at

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