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XM Review | Reliability, Leverage, & Trading Instruments

The XM broker was established in 2009 and started its activity & so far operating customers from more than 196 countries with a great support staff speaking in about 30 languages. Plus, it is among one of the most reliable and regulated brokers. Its main branch is located in Cyprus and is regulated by CySEC. However, it is also serving through UK, Greece, Dubai, Australia, and Belize.

About 1.5 Million Investors and Traders at XM select its broad range of different XM trading products & the best services it provides with advanced solutions for trading, yet suitable for newbie traders as well. In this XM review, we will cover all about the reliability, leverage, and trading instrument of XM brokers. So, let’s get started;

Is XM a reliable broker?

The main idea of its regulation is that all the traders can securely trade, knowing that the funds of clients collaborate according to the strict rules with fewer fraud risks or dishonest use. Plus, XM efficiently operated the trading environment just according to the best regulatory measures, which makes it a reliable and trustworthy broker.

Funds of clients are kept in the banks of investment-grade and utilize segregated accounts, falling under the Compensation fund of investors that ensures the entire recovery of funds of about €20,000 if the broker accidentally goes insolvent. In addition, one of the advantages you’ll get as the XM trader is the Negative Balance Protection – which means there is not any risk to lose extra balance than available.


Depending on the entity and account type under which the XM generally follows obligations, you’re entitled on a scale to the leverage from around 1:1 – 888:1. Therefore, to comprehend which leverage level you’re going to use, refer to the present conditions of the residency, and various entities of XM apply distinct conditions due to some regulatory obligations.

  • XM provides the leverage of 30:1. The leverage applies mostly to the EU entity of that Group
  • XM entity of Australia & its regulation permits about 500:1
  • And the entity at International level provides very high leverage of around 1:888

However, always select the leverage wisely, and do the same in the case of the entity under which you are going to trade. In this case, you should be aware of everything related to trading, hence make sure to learn Forex trading for a better experience.

Trading Instruments

In addition to the nice features, XM efficiently makes the trading even more pleasant with the broad variety of incredible products, so that you can relish a superb choice that fascinatingly meets preferences and expectations. A huge range of good trading markets is available even from a single account of multi-asset that provides 6 asses classes & includes around 55 pairs of currency with a total of more than 1000 plus markets. So, you will be able to trade CFDs or Forex on stocks, stock indices, metals, commodities, Cryptocurrencies, and energies. At XM, all of them are present from a similar trading account.

Happy Trading, folks!

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