10 Ways to fix Facebook not working on your iPhone

Facebook is one of the gigantic social media platforms with more than 5 million people having installed the app just from the playstore. Other than that users will be using it through their browser adding them will lead to even more users. Among them, those users who access Facebook from their iOS device, claim that the ‘Facebook App not working on iPhone or iPad. So if you are in such a situation follow the methods given below to fix these types of issues.

Method to Fix Facebook not working on iPhone:

1. Start by restarting your device:

One of the most efficient methods to fix this error is to quickly restart your device. Just restarting can do wonders in your device like small errors and glitches that are found in your device can be fixed when you restart your device.

If this technique of restarting does not work, then move on to the next step given below.

2. Update your app:

When you keep accessing from the older version of your Facebook account, then as days go you will have to face so many errors just because you did not update the app.

To update go to the app store from your device and then in the search box type facebook. When Facebook appears on screen, tap it. Check if there is any option to update is available, if so, click on the option ‘update’. If not, then you can check out on the next method.

3. Update your Phone System:

Facebook App not Responding on iphone can also cause problems when you do not have an updated phone system. Updating the latest software can avoid lots of bugs and glitches on your device. Manufacturer wants us to have a better experience and hence there is an option to update the system.

For updating, you will have to open the settings on your device, then click on the system and then on the system update. Check if there is any pending update available. If so, click on the pending update to complete it successfully.

4. Reinstall the Facebook app:

When you feel like your app is not working properly or it gives some sort of error all the time, then as a user you will have to uninstall that app and then reinstall it from your app store.

To uninstall head towards the app store and then type Facebook. When it appears click on it. Now, you will see an option called uninstall. Click on that option to uninstall the app successfully.

Then to reinstall, users will have to type on the app store ‘facebook’ and click on the option install. This will install the Facebook app successfully on your device.

5. Check your Internet Connection:

Facebook App not working can also cause, when there is instability in your internet connection. To know the strength of your internet connection, you can do a speed test from your browser. This will give you a clear cut picture of your internet connection indicating whether it has strong or weak internet connection.

6. Check if the Server is down:

Another important thing to check when you encounter issues like this is to check if the server is down. To check, users will have to visit websites like ‘downdetector’ to know if the server is down for everyone. If it is down for everyone, any technique you try nothing is going to work since the server itself is completely down.

So users will have to wait patiently until the server works properly, well and fine. 

7. Clear the Space:

When your iOS storage is full, you may end up facing these kinds of problems. So users will have to delete the unwanted apps and also media. This will free up some space in your device.

8. Install the Latest Browser:

If you are accessing the Fb from the iOS browser, then ensure that you have installed it with the latest browser.

9. Restricted Data Usage for Facebook app:

From the mobile data & WIfi option of the Facebook app in the settings ensure that you turn on the background data. If you want, also turn on unrestricted data usage.

10: Reset the App Preference:

Another important thing to do is resetting your app. For this you will have to go to the reset options and tap on the reset app preferences. Finally tap on reset apps.

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