12 Essential Things Nurses Carry With Them

A nurse works with doctors and healthcare providers to take care of sick and injured people. Their duties are endless, which include administering medicine, caring for the patients, communicating with doctors, and checking vital signs, and applying the knowledge they acquired while getting their ACLS certification to save lives when necessary. And they listen to the patients and try to understand their physical and emotional needs.

Nurses spend most of their time with the patients, and they cannot run around searching for things they need to treat patients. Considering this, the ones like the eNurse online store provide quality products for every nurse, and they help a nurse save time and care for the patient immediately.

So, these are the 12 essential things a nurse carry when on duty:

1.   Stethoscope

A stethoscope is needed to monitor, assess and diagnose a patient’s condition quickly and easily. It helps to listen to the body’s internal noise and observe abnormalities. Moreover, high-quality stethoscopes offer better acoustic performance.

2.   Scissors

In some situations, it is necessary to cut through the patient’s clothes quickly and safely to start treatment within a few minutes. And bandage scissors are also used to cut bandages, medical tapes, and medical gauze.

3.   Hemostat

This is very useful in unscrewing tight IV clamps, getting the metal off the bottle, and clamping IV or catheter bags. Also, a hemostat is very useful in situations where bleeding needs to be stopped immediately.

4.   Watch With Seconds Hand

A watch with a large face and a second hand is very useful while checking the patient’s pulse or blood pressure. Also, a watch allows a nurse to track time while changing IVs and administering medicines.

5.   Penlight

A penlight is vital to gauge pupil dilation in situations where the patient is unconscious or has any cognitive disability. It also allows them to study skin conditions and pick up pills that are accidentally dropped on the floor.

6.   Tongue Depressor

A tongue depressor is needed to examine the condition of the mouth and throat by depressing the tongue. They are essential to facilitate the insertion of an oral airway and prevent the downfolding of the tongue. It also helps to find out if the patient has a tongue infection.

7.   Thermometer

A thermometer helps to measure and record body temperature regularly with consistency and accuracy. It helps to detect illness, signs of infection, and shock. Meanwhile, digital thermometers are preferable as they minimise the risk of transferring viruses.

8.   Sphygmomanometer

A sphygmomanometer is very versatile and is used to check blood pressure, which helps in assessing and monitoring the patient’s condition. Suspected hypertension or hypotension due to illnesses is detected by using this instrument.

9.   Medical Tape

The medical tape has several benefits as it helps in dealing with cuts and wounds. It helps to secure gauze and dressings on patients’ skin. It also helps in keeping the surrounding area of the wound clean, which results in quick healing.


Bandages are used to dress wounds, stop bleeding and prevent bacteria transfer, and thus they play a vital role in preventing infections. Nurses carry different bandage sizes needed for different situations.

11.Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol wipes are a nurse’s best friend because they work in a highly infectious and germ-sensitive environment. They help the nurses to keep themselves clean and safe and prevent germ transfer. Besides, wipes can be used to clean scissors, stethoscopes, hemostats, and other instruments.

12.Reflex Hammer

A reflex hammer is useful in determining a patient’s neurological conditions during examinations. Moreover, they are necessary to test deep tendon reflexes and detect and assess abnormalities in the central or peripheral nervous system.

High-quality nurse essentials are available in the eNurse online store or the like. So, a nurse should always be prepared for the unexpected, and to face any situation, a nurse must be ready with all the essential items at all times.

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