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5 Tips for Dealing With Chronic Pain

Did you know 50 million Americans are living with chronic pain? That is 20% of the population. Dealing with chronic pain is an everyday battle that can take months, even years to figure out how to manage.

Chronic pain can be from a variety of different preexisting health conditions or physical injuries. Luckily, with new medicine and holistic health practices, there are ways to deal with chronic pain so you can live a normal life.

Keep reading for five tips on how to deal with chronic pain.

1. Physical Therapy

Depending on the type of chronic pain you have, physical therapy may be the right option to help you manage. On an initial visit, a physical therapist will assess your pain levels by asking you to perform movements while telling them your pain level.

Once the therapists get a better understanding of your pain, they will work with you on stretches and exercises. The key to physical therapy is consistency, performing the exercises and movements the physical therapist assigns to you to work on.

2. Deep Tissue Massage

Massages are an ancient technique that not only relieves stressed tissue but releases toxins from the body. Deep tissue massages are especially helpful for people dealing with chronic pain in areas like the back, hips, shoulders, and neck.

Massages are often used in combination with other techniques that relieve chronic pain.

3. CBD Oil

The CBD oil market has exploded over the last ten years with many people finding the benefits of CBD oil. CBD oil is made from hemp, a species of cannabis plant. CBD has pain-relieving effects without the hallucinogenic properties of traditional cannabis.

There is still much research being done on the effects of CBD oil but, anecdotal people claim it helps with sleep, eating disorders, and chronic pain.

4. Exercise

Believe it or not, exercise can help relieve chronic pain. Low-impact activities such as walking, stretching, or tai chi can help strengthen bones and stabilize joints.

Mind exercises such as deep breathing and meditation can also help relieve chronic pain. Your mind is a bigger factor than you think when it comes to dealing with any type of stress or pain.

5. Support Groups and Therapy

Talk therapy can be a great support when dealing with pain. Having other people that understand what you are going through can help you feel as though you’re not alone.

Individual therapy can also be helpful when it comes to dealing with possible anxiety or depression that may arise while dealing with chronic pain. Therapists can also give you coping mechanisms to help your mindset.

A life care planner can also assist with any planning and care that comes along with chronic pain or injury.

Dealing With Chronic Pain

If you are dealing with chronic pain, you are not alone. By finding ways to cope whether it be physical or mental, you can live a normal life.

Be sure to seek out support and try activities that work best for your lifestyle.

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