Best Bongs to Try in 2022

A bong is a water pipe used as a filtration device for smoking herbal substances like cannabis or tobacco. The function of this is similar to a smoking device known as hookah. However, it is smaller and easy to carry. 

These are available in several designs and brands. The best bongs brands are available in different materials, but their functions are quite similar. The best way to have cannabis is from a good-quality branded bong. If you are a bong shopper and looking for some fantastic buys, join in finding out the best quality device that suits your needs.

Empire Glassworks High Standard Mini Beaker Pieces

Empire Glassworks is one of the top brands in glass bongs. It is beaker-shaped, and the size is neither too small nor too big. It is also the largest selling beaker. It is eight inches tall, seven millimeters thick, durable and handy to use. This piece is entirely made of glass, making it a first choice for buying a classy yet durable bong.

The pipe has a 45-degree quartz banger and a concentrate tool that fits well in hand. This can be cleaned easily through a brush. This may be your first choice if you want a luxurious yet durable-looking product. 

Heir Water Pipe

This comes in 11-13 inches and is high-quality material. It is made out of alumina ceramic and soda-lime glass that lasts for an extended period. It has a mouthpiece and a removable glass chamber that makes it easy to add ice or water. It can easily be dishwashed after you are finished. 

The design prevents clogs, and the 8-slotted percolator gives a solid yet smooth hit. It is a beautiful piece for your home.


This is modular, easy to use, dishwasher safe, and durable as it is made of silicone. Bento bong is made of BPA-free Tritan plastic, giving it a sleek and different outlook. It disassembles within seconds and is very comfortable for use. 

Puffco Budsy

This is made with plastic that looks similar to a bottle. It is easy to use, portable and can be carried anywhere. To use it, fill the bottle, open the top cover, remove the mouthpiece, and place the bowl in the air hole. The smoking mechanism is simple and does not work like an actual smoking device. 


Phoenix is known for its glass bongs that are beautiful, durable, and feel good when used. It is a full-size product that hits well, has a bowl, and is tightly sealed. Due to its material, it is long-lasting and looks incredible. It is made of glass and available in different colors; it is safe for smoke and provides a great experience. This is considered as one of the best bongs brands for 2022.

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Session Goods Bong

This is made of a modern design that blends easily and looks classy when kept at home. It has two bowls that allow you to adjust your hits and four millimeters of borosilicate glass. The silicon base feels good in your hands and provides great hits. Moreover, it is made of silicone, making it durable in the long run. 

Try one of theseand choose which one suits you best. 

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