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How Do Digital Gift Cards Work?

Digital gift card sales are booming with e-gift card purchases rising by 100% in December of last year.

The pandemic has seen a surge in buying digital gift cards which can be used in shops and websites everywhere. Shoppers are able to order electronic gift cards from ATM machines to offline stores. Gifting them is easy but not everyone knows how.

This article answers the question of how do digital gift cards work and explains how to purchase them.

Read on to discover which retailers accept gift cards. And how your cash gets converted into a valid e-gift card.

What Is a Digital Gift Card?

Gift cards are an excellent present for those people who have everything. Shoppers can buy what they like up the total value or add their own money to top up the payment.

A digital gift card or e-gift card takes that simplicity and choice and multiplies it.

Digital cards are simply an electronic version of a traditional card that arrives directly in your inbox. The user can then enter the unique code in the relevant website or offline store to redeem the amount they want.

How Do Digital Gift Cards Work?

To buy an electronic gift card you can:

  • Visit the store’s website and purchase it online
  • Buy an e-gift card in-store
  • Choose from a selection of cards in most major stores
  • Purchase a card through a special ATM kiosk

The latter option is a fresh new way to purchase e-gifts.

While you withdraw cash or buy Bitcoins the same technology provides a gift card exchange kiosk service. It’s simple to use and works with over 50 major brands like Macy’s.

Once you add money to the digital card you can start using it immediately.

Visit the applicable retailer’s store or website and enter the unique reference. The money will transfer to their account and you can spend it as you wish.

Where Can You Use Digital Gift Cards?

Thousands of retailers and e-tailers now accept digital gift cards. Some of the top companies include:

  • TK Maxx
  • Hollister

Don’t forget about

The site encourages everyone to purchase and use digital gift vouchers to add credit to their accounts. They work alongside your credit and debit cards and are a great way to offset against larger purchases.

Can I Print My Electronic Gift Card?

Of course and it’s a great idea to do so.

Even though you might have your unique gift card code in an email it’s all too easy to lose it. By printing off the code and taking it with you that issue won’t arise. And it acts as physical proof that you own the credit if a dispute arises.

More Tips on How to Use a Digital Gift Card

This quick guide to how do digital gift cards work means you can purchase and send e-gift cards as you please.

Most retailers sell and accept them and you can purchase a digital gift card from the comfort of your phone. Even better, buy a birthday gift card while withdrawing cash from an ATM kiosk. That way you send the present while giving them some real cash to play with!

Discover more tips on electronic gift cards in our blog.


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