How to Start an Instagram Blog

How to Start an Instagram Blog, everyone wants to know about this because Instagram blogging is the process of sharing one’s thoughts with many audiences on Instagram. One may have the opportunity for payment on the Instagram posts advertising various company’s products and their brands. You can use an Instagram story maker to help you create captivating stories.

You can select the vital templates from the library that rely on your brand, style, or product to act as an Instagram story maker for uploading the news feeds on your Instagram page. The main aim of the Instagram blog by different people is to sell products out of the gate.

This article will help you how to Start an Instagram Blog and see who someone recently followed on Instagram.

The procedure on how to start an Instagram blog

1. Creating the Instagram Account

Creating an Instagram account is the first step to employ when you want to start an Instagram blog. It takes less time, and it is always free. Choosing your username may take a bit longer as you will have to figure out what you want it to be. When you want to build your brand, you should consider using your full name as a username which you might change later on.

The steps of creating , How to Start an Instagram Blog

i)Downloading the Instagram app from the app store on iPhones and Google play store on Android.

ii) After installation, open Instagram by clicking on the Instagram icon.

iii) If you’re using an Android phone, you should sign up with your phone number or email address. On iPhones, you need to create an account then enter your phone number. That will give you a verification code to enter there. You can also log in with Facebook for a single sign-on.

iv) There will be a prompt that will enable the creation of a password and username.

v) Ensure that you have a public profile rather than a public one. However, you can use a private profile when you only want your friends and relatives to access your blog.

2. Choosing a Niche for the Instagram blog

Giving your audience what they expect from you will make them consistent, and you will gain more and more audiences. Posting a sponsored ad when you are a travel Instagram blogger may make some of your followers unsubscribe from your account since they might get confused.

It will help if you choose a niche depending on the exact content you would like to bring to your audience to avoid confusion. Selecting a better place can earn more audiences who will be viewing your content once you post them. Some of the niches include lifestyle, food, money, travel, etc.

3. Creating an influential Bio

An Instagram bio is found below the photos, profile, and posts you have created and posted, and where your audience will come and follow you. It would help if you made an influential bio since your audience will find a way to know you better when they login to your account.

The bio will also show the visitors what they will gain when they follow you. You can also put your contact information, email address, or specific location to enable your audience to connect with you quickly.

4. Taking attractive images

Your brand identity should be in line with the photos you share on Instagram for the audience to recognize the style of your image before checking if it is you. The type should be constant in all the Instagram posts to help to create a cohesive profile look. You can use website images instead of your own, although you should try to abide by the restrictions on each image.

5. Writing the Instagram Blog Posts

An Instagram blog post can also be known as an Instagram caption. It would help if you did not put a caption with more than 2,200 words since the Instagram blog is only for microblogging and not for full blogging. 

It would be best if you created a short and attractive caption to influence your audience and make them ready for the whole caption without clicking on ‘more.’

When you want to write a lot on the caption, you should ensure that you break your text since your audience will not read and digest a considerable text.

6. Using Relevant Hashtags for Discoverability Boosting

A hashtag is a word that has an # sign on its precise. The website visitors use it to know more about the topic you have given them. You can use the hashtags on Instagram stories and posts. On accounts, you can use up to ten hashtags and up to thirty on Instagram posts. 

Hashtags enable the bloggers to gain more followers and reach more audiences since even non-followers will find the opportunity to visit your page when they are searching for that particular hashtag.

7. Geotag the Posts

Adding the geographical location to where you took your photo is what we call geotag a post. It will enable the audience to know the exact place and find more images from that location. You can also grow your audience since the audience can search for location-based photos and come across your post with geotagging.

8. Interacting with other Instagram Users

There are various ways you can interact with other Instagram users to make them visit your profile, like, and even share your content. You can do this by following other users, commenting, liking, and sharing their posts, and even using Instagram stories to find a way of engaging your audience.

How to see someone who recently followed on Instagram

There is a procedure you can follow on how to see someone who recently followed on Instagram. You can follow the below steps after checking whether the person has a private account or not. If it is not confidential, then you can follow the steps below.

  1. Logging into Instagram and finding access to the page containing the person’s profile.

2. Clicking the button of following to see the people the person has followed.

Viewing a person’s profile can not grant you a chance to have the list of their followers in order since the people are usually chosen by default, and the default arrangement differs from person to person. The people at the top may be the ones who followed earlier on, while the ones at the bottom may be the recent followers.


If you had a problem with how to Start an Instagram blog, this article is the best for you. It will also help know how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram.

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