Know How to Buy Fans in the Right Way to Use Your Room Space Wisely

If there’s one thing every Indian home needs the most during the scorching summer months, it’s fans. Indian markets respond to this demand by offering a wide range of fans, allowing you to choose the one that’s best suited for your needs. However, to choose the best fan for yourself out of thousands of options, you must keep a few things in mind – the most important being the size of your room.

The size of your room plays a crucial role in determining the fan’s effectiveness. Here we discuss a few ways in which you can pick the right fan for your space.

1.For Large Rooms

If your room is considerably large, a high-speed ceiling fan might be the best option for you. These fans are powered by high-power motors and can efficiently circulate air even in large spaces. Despite their high-power mechanism, they consume less power and are low maintenance too.

 High-speed ceiling fans are available in the market in several variants, but one that’s proven to be most effective is a 3-blade one. A 3-blade high-speed fan ensures better air-delivery and circulates a flow of fresh air in every nook of your room. 

Aside from fan speed, another thing you must consider is the fan size. The following table will give you a clear idea of the best fan for your room size. 

Fan SizeRoom SizeRoom Type
42″Up to 100 sq ft.Bedroom
52″Up to 225 sq ft.Dining Room

If your room is even larger, you can go for two or more ceiling fans. Another great option is installing table fans in the corners of your rooms. A table fan’s oscillatory feature allows it to circulate air in all directions, making it a perfect option for significantly larger rooms. 

For Compact Spaces

  • A ceiling fan can work effectively in compact rooms as well. If your room is small, a normal speed ceiling fan can be just right for you. A normal-speed ceiling fan consumes less energy and can effectively make small rooms comfortably breezy. 

The table below defines the ideal fan size according to the size of your space. 

Fan SizeRoom SizeRoom Type
29″ or lessLess than 50 sq ft.Hallway, Laundry Room
36″Up to 75 sq ft.Bathroom
  • A pedestal fan can also work perfectly in compact rooms. These fans are portable and handy, making them a good option for rooms where space is at a premium. You can easily move a pedestal fan in and out of your room, making it easy to put away when not in use. This fan is also an excellent choice for rooms with low ceilings.

If you’re looking for an effective and practical pedestal fan for your small room, you can go for the Fanfare Pedestal Fan from Luminous. This fan delivers excellent air circulation without much noise. 

For Office Space

Office spaces usually feature low ceilings, making it difficult to install ceiling fans. In this case, you can opt for a wall fan. A wall fan can provide excellent air circulation without consuming much space, making them a perfect option for offices. Moreover, these fans can also allow air circulation, preventing your office space from becoming stuffy and suffocating. 

Wall fans also come in different sizes and hence it is essential to choose the one that’s suitable for the size of your office. The table below will help you make the correct choice. 

Balconies, Lawns and Open Areas

Open areas like balconies or patios also require air circulation. For this, a pedestal fan can be a great option. These fans do not require any installation or fixtures and can be used anywhere. 

You can also opt for table fans and place them on your patio table to enjoy a cool breeze as you relax in your outside space. 

Explore the Different Range of Fans

A bonus tip is to go for fans from trusted and renowned brands like Luminous. Luminous offer a range of fans, giving you the option of choosing the one that works best for your space. So, visit their website and explore their range of efficient and stylish fans.

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