Must-Have Winter Safety Equipment for Your Car

The winter season is upon us, which means it’s time to prepare your car for the snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Winter safety equipment is essential not just for your own protection but also to help save the lives of motorists in need of assistance or roadside service. Here are some winter safety items that you should have this winter.

Ice scraper with a snow brush

Ice scrapers with a snow brush are a must-have for any driver during the winter season. A good ice scraper will help remove the ice and snow from your windshield, while a snow brush will help clear the snow off your car. Make sure to get a scraper that is big enough to fit comfortably in your hand, and choose a brush with synthetic bristles that won’t scratch your car’s paint job.

You can also purchase a standard ice scraper that has a rubber squeegee along with a brush. Snow brushes come in different lengths and widths, so choose accordingly.

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Emergency lights

During the winter, emergency lights are safety equipment that drivers can use to help other motorists see you. Emergency lights should be very bright, which means they will stand out against white snow or ice. Make sure your emergency lights are not flashing at all times. Otherwise, they will be mistaken for turn signals.

If you’re using your vehicle for a service and are expected to be slow-moving in the snow, you might want to have an amber light bar installed inside the windshield of your car. Just make sure only to use it when you’re in a precarious situation, as overusing it can cause other motorists to ignore it.

Emergency Road Flares

Emergency roadside flares are an excellent item to have when you’re in a precarious situation that requires other motorists to slow down. You can alert them of your location and change by using a flare.

Also, they last a really long time so you won’t have to worry about stocking up on them for the winter season. Ensure they are visible from all angles and install away from the exhaust pipe to prevent toxic fumes from being released.

Snow Chains

Snow chains are a form of winter safety equipment that you should have on your car during the winter. Snow chains are small metal cables with hooks on each end of the cable. They go over the tires and allow you to drive in slippery conditions without spinning out of control.

In addition, they come in different sizes and should be measured by a professional for the best fit. Ensure that they cross your tires properly and that there’s no excessive slack between them and your tires before driving off.

Emergency Blanket

An emergency blanket is an item that can help protect you from the cold. If you’re stuck in your car and it’s freezing outside, having an emergency blanket will help keep you dry and warm. It’ll also be easier on your skin than staying wet for prolonged periods.

You can also use it on your windshield to prevent ice from forming on the glass. Just make sure it’s completely dry before using it and store it in a safe place where it can’t be damaged by water and heat.

Compact Spare Tire Kit

A compact spare tire kit is a good item to have if you want to avoid being at the mercy of a service station for an hour. By carrying a compact spare tire kit in your trunk, you can change out your flat tire and get back on the road in no time. For best results, make sure that your regular and spare tires are the same size.

In addition, make sure to know how to change a tire so you can do it on your own if the situation arises. You don’t want to have to wait for a tow in the snow when you could’ve been driving instead. Practice changing a tire at least once before going on a road trip where you’ll need it most.

Car Jump Starter or Booster Pack

A car jump starter is a battery that you can use to start your car if the battery dies. It’s a good item to keep in your car during the winter season, especially if you live in a climate where it snows often. By having a car jump starter, you can avoid being stranded on the side of the road. You’ll want a jumper cable too.

Jumper cables are a type of safety equipment that every motorist should have in their car. Jumper cables allow you to start your car if it’s dead by providing a jump start. They’re also handy in case you need to help someone else start their car.

Jumper cables come in different lengths, so ensure that you purchase the length most helpful to you. They also have clamps on each end that attach to the battery posts. Make sure the clamps are tight and there’s no corrosion on the battery posts before attempting to start the car.

In addition, make sure both cars are turned off and parked before connecting the jumper cables.

Winter safety equipment is important not just for your own protection but also to help save the lives of motorists in need of assistance or roadside service. Have these items on hand before the tough winter weather sets in so you’re prepared when it does.

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