The phases of the Moon in 2020 hour by hour

I’ve always said that one of the easiest ways to get a person hooked on astronomy is to take them to see the Moon. It’s better when there’s no full moon because then the sun’s lighting is too flat. But on all other nights, the level of detail that can be seen with simple binoculars is fantastic.

Moon Phases 2020 – Northern Hemisphere – 4K is a video produced by NASA’s Goddard Center that allows you to see the different phases of the Moon in 2020 hour by hour; each frame is one hour. It includes the names of the craters that can be seen in the terminator and the names of the seas and other significant features of the lunar surface. Landing sites for Apollo missions are also indicated. However, it goes too fast, so it’s better to click on the gear and choose 0.25x speed even if it ruins the music.

Those of you in the southern hemisphere can turn the monitor 180 degrees. Or watch this other video.

photo by pexels

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