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The Prospect of 2020 and Web Design Dubai User Interface (UX) Trends

2020 has been a tremendous year for mobile app development Dubai with the start of this pandemic the use of the digital arena has increased ten folds. We all know that user interface is a critical element for the development of websites. The way users interact with your website makes up the way it is perceived which directly affects your bounce rate. Which is why choosing the right elements for your website design can considerably influence user engagement and interaction. Users aesthetic requirements must be catered to in a way that increases retention and gains maximum attention in the long term. Here are some essential UX trends for 2020 that have taken the world of mobile app development by storm and are gaining immense popularity:

  1. Fullscreen mobile phones:

2020 has seen a surge in bezzle less smartphones which has led to developers adapting their apps and website designs for the world of mobile app development Dubai. Due to a change in the interface of websites, the navigation and gestures have shifted and adapted which is why it is not important for developers to incorporate these updates and make the user interface of their websites easier to use. moreover, developers are now also introducing a dark mode in their apps which is now a trend.

  • Animations and illustrations:

Digital animations and illustrations are now becoming more and more popular for mobile app development Dubai. Hand drawn and custom illustrations are now everywhere to be seen and are enhancing the way users interact with your website. They basically make a website look more visually appealing and also create a friendly perception which then prompts visitors to return to your website more often.

  • Use your user interface to tell a story:

Digitally incorporating stories is a new trend that has gained popularity in the world of mobile app development Dubai. The use of typography creates a visual hierarchy which enhances the experience of your users. In addition to this, you should know that text style captures you user’s attention however it is the narrative you build with design that users retain. This then ensures that users go through your content fully instead of just skimming it.

  • Use of AR and VR:

The world of mobile app development Dubai has seen a tremendous increase in the use of augmented and virtual reality. They allow better and tethered interaction which makes user experience look better. Furthermore, the use of VR is becoming increasingly popular in the world of mobile app development Dubai especially in the healthcare sector by creating spaces and visuals that aid in better services. Incorporating these will ensure success for your website design which will increase user experience.

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